Who said we have to be Light and Love Robots to be spiritual and evolved?


The “new age movement ” leads us to believe that if we are conscious and spiritual we are always positive. There is a tendency that we should rise above our feelings and take them to a higher level. That feels like a spiritual bypass to me. Becoming conscious really means knowing who you truly are, being authentic and embracing everything you feel. I have gotten caught up in the idea that I shouldn’t share my so called negative feelings because it somehow means I am weak and not spiritual, when in fact expressing vulnerability is a show of strength and courage. When we are authentic we give those around us permission to do the same.

I have read almost every New Thought book out there, have studied with Abraham Hicks, watch the Secret and What the Bleep!  I know the steps to manifestation.  I understand using Affirmations and Afformations, thinking positive thoughts and all that gobbly gook.  Every new theory comes with a new set of rule.  There is the secret behind The Secret.  There are theories that start where the secret left off.  There are so many theories about how to manifest that it makes your head spin!!

daffydizzy (1)

I loved the idea of The Secret and Law of Attraction going mainstream, yet it comes with a certain level of shame attached.  If you aren’t manifesting what you desire, you must be doing something wrong, right?

I say NO!

Sometimes we don’t manifest what we desire because it isn’t the best thing for us at the time.

Sometime we don’t manifest what we desire because there is something better coming and if we got what we wanted it would be in the way.

There are all kinds of reasons and none of them are your fault!  You can’t do it wrong.  All of our paths lead where the need to go.

I believe the Law of Authenticity is the path to everything we need

and want and when we are authentic we are magnetic!


Being able to observe yourself from a neutral place, without judgment

Knowing who you truly are

Loving yourself unconditionally

Being an expression of your true self, not what society wants you to be.

Being Congruent. The word congruent describes someone who is the same on the outside as they are on the inside

Being present

Being Genuine

Being the Author of your own story

Staying true to yourself

Having compassion

Having the courage to acknowledge your limitations and embrace your vulnerabilities

and so much more…

When you align with your authentic self and live authentically you are also in alignment with all the good that is yours in this lifetime.  You are magnetic and nothing gets in the way of manifesting what you desire because what you desire is also what serves you evolution.

It is simple…when you are authentic…the Law of Attraction simply works!



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