So Why DO I Write?


I woke up with this question in my mine and these are the answers that came.  They haven’t changed in the 15 years that I have been writing and sharing it.

I write because something I have experienced and transformed might help someone do the same.

I write transparently because someone reading might say they have felt the same way, and now they don’t feel so alone.

I write to add hope to someone’s day.

I write about the hard things, the messy things, the things we don’t want to talk about, as well as the adventures and successes to show that we are all human and everything that happens  to us brings us more in touch with our authentic selves.


I write for my new friend in the UK and his salamander, Big Boy because he might find a nugget in my book that will change his life.

I write to share my discoveries because they might help someone else see thing through new eyes.


I write to share my adventures because life is suppose to be FUN!



535907_10204717688162620_1349760473352285997_nI write for my friends, so they can know me better and maybe something I wrote will touch them deep in side and sparks a new thought or feeling.







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