Embody the Energy of the Goddess



Watercolor painting by Katelyn Mariah

from Awaken The Goddess Meditation Deck


ONE day as you walk through a forest that you have walked through hundreds of times before, you come across a tree-lined clearing that you have never seen.  What you see before you causes you to stop, for in the sun-flooded clearing there is a woman moving to a silent song.  You can hear the song in her movement as she dances in front of you.  She is tall and yet she is short.  She is beautiful, at the same time she is ordinary.  There is perfection in her imperfection.

She sees you watching and without breaking concentration, she motions you to come closer.  As you move into the clearing with this enchanting, magical woman, you notice and open leather bag lying on the ground.  Carefully placed in the center around her are stones, bones, sparkling crystals, fresh flowers, animal charms and beads.

Her dance intrigues you as she moves freely in her body without distraction or hesitation.  She circles and swoops as the toe of one foot, softly caresses the earth, followed by the toe of the other in a beautiful dance that honors her universe and herself.  This is a woman at ease in her body, at ease with her power, her strength, her magic and her childlike spirit.  She is free and she loves who she is.  Surrounding her is a magnetic energy that makes you want to come closer to her, and when you do, your eyes connect with hers.  In that moment, in the reflection of her eyes, you see yourself.

This is the energy of the Goddess.  She is ancient and yet timeless and present.  She is priestess, mother, destroyer, shaman, temptress and child.  She is the embodiment of the Divine Feminine and she is YOU! It is your birthright to feel your beauty.  It is your birthright to love and feel loved and to be in harmony with life.  The Goddess is here to show you her face, a face that is also your face!

To be balanced and whole, one must express both the masculine and the feminine.  It is the feminine that has been hidden and needs to be re-discovered in each of us in order for the masculine to come into balance.  I have spent 20 years exploring the energy of the Goddess, through my art and I discovered through that process that she lives within me, just as she lives within you.  I have walked with her in the forest, by the river and I have swam with her in the ocean and walked with her in the mountains, for she is the Earth.  I have witnessed her presence in the people around me, both female and male.   Right before I wrote this piece I noticed a billboard in my neighborhood that read “The Goddess is Alive”.  I knew she was making her voice heard to the masses, whether they understood it consciously or not.

The Goddess is alive!

As one who has passed through the gates of this Goddess initiation, Katelyn is well prepared to act as a midwife to those who want to walk the same path.   Contact her at www.empoweredhealthandwellness.com to learn more


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