Visionary art Defined


Image 27 from Awaken the Goddess Meditation Deck

by Katelyn Mariah, Visionary Artist

Watercolor painting 5-15-1996

This is one of my favorite images and I will let my late friend Ron Mangravite explain the meaning. Ron always told me he wanted to support my work how ever he could because he felt it was important for people to see it.  I am so happy that I have a recording of his presentation about my work and some of my images.  This way he continues to support me even from the other side.  At the time I was creating this body of work and the time of his presentation I had very little knowledge of symbolism, tarot or metaphysics.

“This is a gem. When one is familiar with a conventional tarot deck you know that the purpose of the major arcane is to depict a journey, which begins with the fool and ends with the magician.  The fool is poised at the edge of a cliff ready to step off blindly not knowing where he is going.

Here is the equivalent of the beginning and end of Katelyn’s journey.  She is poised on the edge of a cliff but instead of stepping off blindly she is launching a liberated and enlightened being, a bird that can fly to the heavens and inform her. In the Egyptian mythology a falcon rather than an eagle, which she is launching is the transformed Pharaoh.  This Goddess, poised on the precipice, instead of leaping over blindly is sending ahead of her a conscious being.

She carries the moon of the Goddess and she is androgynous, crowned with the horns of the horned god, Cernunnos. The fool in the tarot deck has as an accompaniment, a puppy, happily barking at his side. This Goddess is accompanied by an armadillo, which is another form of lesser life.  She is taking lesser life and transforming it into a falcon, an enlightened being.

There are also twin waterfalls.  The water is a symbol of the Goddess.  The waterfalls are an outpouring of the Goddess’ energy, liberating it out into the universe.  The twin signs are because women are inherently dual in nature as the dark and bright Goddess and cause the unification of their existence through these twin forces.  There is a card in the conventional tarot deck called the Priestess. On either side of her thrown are twin columns.  These waterfalls are the equivalent of these twin columns. By putting those twin columns in, this initiate would say to the master, these are my twin columns, they are not static they are alive with outpouring water.

So this is very clearly not just a fool beginning a journey or a magician at the end of the journey, this is the priestess who is able to turn the armadillo into the hawk and send enlightenment out before her.”

Awaken the Goddess Meditation Deck is still available at: just send Katelyn a note.


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