Prosperity Consciousness: Let’s start a Prosperity Revolution!!! Part 12 of 12



People who dare to be authentic…Who don’t care what other people think!…Who listen to their Inner GPS…Who let go of FEAR…Who love themselves…and Who can imagine a different future for everyone.

 Like Steve Jobs said “THINK DIFFERENT”

Poverty and Lack consciousness are status quo.  Most people have bought into limitation, negative images, false beliefs, 9 to 5, negative self-thought, doubt. FEAR and so much more that doesn’t serve them.

The way that we are going to create a PROSPERITY REVOLUTION  is to break away from the crowd, stop being sheeple and follow the beat of our own drummer. Stop listening to everyone around us and tap into our Divine Inner Self.  Evolution is counting on those of us who dare to be different and know that it is our authenticity and living the purpose we came to do that will experience the flow of unlimited prosperity in all areas of our lives.

I am going to end this series with a message from my  Divine Inner Self, who has spoken throughout these blogs but hasn’t been identify.

This is an example of how I work with my Divine Inner Self


“Dear Divine Inner Self, Talk to me about creating a prosperity revolution

It would be difficult to wipe out the human software that believes you have to work hard and suffer for everything you get and that you have to settle for less, yet YOU can raise your own prosperity vibration and that will eventually impact the whole.

Man does not realize that living a prosperous life is the promise of life on Earth.  Prosperity has been almost obliterated by war, The Great Depression and current programming.  As babies you were born knowing this promise.  You were born  with self-love and self-knowledge and also the understanding that the program of prosperity had been removed from the planet and you were here to change that.  If you are reading this you are one of those who came to change the program.

Unfortunately you were brought into a place (Earth) where the lack programming has gone on for many, many, many years and as babies you were taught the language of lack.  This is no ones fault. It has been passed down for many generations.

The language of prosperity was high jacked long long ago and changed for the sake of power for the few.  Those few have passed the secrets of prosperity to their blood line and have maintained control long enough.

The time to change that is NOW!

You are no longer babies or children and though it is challenging, you can learn the new language of prosperity.

The purpose of this blog is to give you some new understandings and tools to raise your frequency toward prosperity.  It is up to you to continue to reprogram yourself away from lack to prosperity thinking.  This does not only mean around money, in fact money is just a small part of prosperity.  When your thinking is prosperous it impacts all areas of your life, your health, relationships, wealth, attitude, everything.

Prosperity is your birthright and the Loving Creator makes it possible for EVERYONE to create prosperous lives. Why choose lack when prosperity is an option!?


You can learn as much about yourself through prosperity as you can through struggle and lack, and it is much more fun! Let’s raise the frequency on the planet to match prosperity so at some point there will be a tipping point where lack will not exist and prosperity will be the vibration of planet Earth like it was designed to be.

There is great support for this to happen from higher realms working with each of you.  Call on us for support.  We are watching with awe and love as those of you who want something different step up to the plate.”

Are you brave and courageous enough to do this?  



Thank you for going on this prosperity journey with me!

I would love to assist you in raising your frequency and becoming more prosperous.

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