Prosperity Consciousness: Inner Guidance System/GPS Part 8 of 12


“The voice of your soul is your inner guidance system – your intuition. Listen closely and it will tell you how to turn your highest potential into reality.”

Did you know that we have an Inner GPS? It is similar to the GPS in your car only ours is connected to our soul.  I find comfort in that, knowing a higher part of myself is guidance me.  Our Inner GPS has direct access to our Divine Blueprint, which we created before incarnating.

I have been cultivating my Inner GPS, which I call my Divine Inner Self, for 30 years.  I discovered it the hard way!  I was driving on the freeway one day at sunset and I was about 4 exits from the exit to my house.  I heard a voice in my head that said, “Get off the freeway.”  It didn’t make sense to me so I kept driving while I had a discussion in my head about why I shouldn’t get off the freeway. Again I heard ” Get of the freeway now!” with more urgency.  I continued to talk to myself about what it was crazy to get off the freeway at that point.

Suddenly the truck in front of me swerved to the right and before I could stop my car slammed into the back of a car that had parked on the freeway. I was going 50 miles an hour.  The back of the car exploded…(You can read this story and more in my book Empowered Health and Wellness: Awakening the Inner Physician.

I started paying attention to that other voice in my head after that!

I have made a practice of opening my journal, almost everyday and asking questions of my Divine Inner Self.  The guidance I get is amazing and always accurate.  It doesn’t placate me but tells it like it is.  I know when it is speaking by the frequency and quality of its message.

We all have an inner GPS, also called Intuition, Divine Inner Self, Higher Self.  No one is left out.  The task is to learn how to listen to it.  Before you can listen to it you have to be able to tell the difference between the chatter in your head and real contact with your Inner GPS.  That takes time because there is so much noise going on inside of our heads and outside in the world.

Here are some simple ways to begin to play in the energy of your Inner GPS:


Your Inner GPS is a valuable tool in the quest for prosperity and you don’t have to have an accident to learn that you have it.  There are things you can do to start working with it.

Here are a few things to practice as you cultivate a luminous, life-long relationship with your Inner GPS:

  • Start in the mundane moments. Don’t try to learn to work with your GPS during a major life crisis, after you haven’t consulted with it for years (or ever). Make your requests small at first. What should I eat for lunch today? What should I wear today?  What should I do today for fun? And start to TRUST and HEED the answer that comes to you  A little game I use to play to get acquainted with my Inner GPS was to try to figure out what the cars around me were going  to do next.  I would look at a car and wonder what it would do next.  I might here “he will pull in behind you.”  I would look  in my mirror and find that yes indeed he was pulling in behind you.  After doing this for a while I got to the point that I  could feel what the car next to me, in front of me, or behind me was going to do.  Now it is just second nature.  I know what  everyone is going to do when I am driving and it has saved me from many accidents.
  • Sit in silence daily. I recommend in the morning, before the noise of the day has a chance to rattle your inner world too much (and definitely before checking your phone or updating your Facebook status) meditate. Don’t ask to hear anything, just sit. Breathe. Be still and open to all of your senses. After this sacred time, notice what is floating up into your attention. When you can learn to quiet your mind you will begin to hear from your Inner GPS
  • Write in your journal. Your Inner GPS often comes out when we write. But the key is to send your Inner Critic off for a siesta first, and then to write without any censorship. For three, long-handed pages, write non-stop about anything and everything that comes to mind. This clears away the clutter and the static so the small whisper of wisdom can speak.  This is also known as Morning Pages.
  • Create an Altar for your Inner GPS. Set up a sacred space in your home that is just for you and you Divine Inner Self. Find an image of a goddess archetype that really speaks to your Soul, and put her in the center of the altar. Add a candle, some flowers, a stick of incense specifically for prosperity. Tend to and beautify this daily. Here is where you will sit in silence, and with your journal. Lakshmi would be a good one for working with prosperity so would Ganesh the remover of obstacles and Lord of Success.  If you are Christian you can used Jesus, angels, saints or what ever speaks to you.
  • Pray. Once you have done all of the above, request to open up the lines of communication more fully. Show your Divine Inner Self your deepest heart’s longings. Ask it to turn up the volume on its guidance. Request clear and recognizable signs. Let her know that you are available. You are listening. You are here.  Again start small with questions about prosperity.  “What is the best use of my money today”, ” how can I attract more money?”
  • Trust. This part of yourself speaks in delicate whispers, and it’s voice can easily get drowned by the voices of doubt and insecurity. As Mother Teresa said so eloquently, “In the silence of the heart, God speaks. Listening is the beginning of prayer.”
  • Most of all be persistent.  Don’t give up.  The more you work with this part of you the stronger it will get.

You want to develop a friendship with your Inner GPS.  This is a friend you can trust, be honest with and follow.  I have fired mine a couple of times but it just keeps coming back.  In fact it never leaves.  I have learned to live my life through this divine relationship with myself and you can too.

Can you see how this can be invaluable when you are creating prosperity?  Can you see ways that it can help support your path to prosperity?  Can you see how it can help you increase prosperity?   Add your thoughts to the comment section of this blog. I would love to hear what you are thinking.

Actual Science: 3 Win Nobel Prize for Discovering the Brains Inner GPS


If you already have a relationship with your Inner GPS I would love to hear about it in the comments!

Tomorrow we will explore another level of prosperity in Part 8 in this 12 part series: Prosperity Consciousness


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