Prosperity Consciousness: Opening your Mind to Prosperity Part 3 of 12

Since I started this series on Monday, I have been doing a lot of reading about prosperity.  This morning I was reading Catherine Ponders book “Opening the Mind to Prosperity” and she was talking about cleaning closets to make room for prosperity and gave some examples of what happened to people. I put the book down and went over to my closet, one I have wanted to clean but keep putting it off. I grabbed a box and opened it and this letter was in there. I completely forgot that I had received it from Doreen Virtue years ago!!  Talk about manifesting prosperity in an instant! Here is the letter:


This letter is important to me on my path of prosperity for a couple of reasons.  I have a tendency to minimize my gifts and my influence.  What I am beginning to understand it that it is connected to something I heard as a child.  “If you think good things about yourself you will get a big head” and what that meant to me was if I thought good of myself, people wouldn’t like me. They would think I was egotistical.

I still have a feeling that if people knew what my gifts were and what I was capable of creating it would create distance and I would lose relationships. I worry that I am somehow going to get into trouble for showing off, or having a big ego.  I feel that if I openly value my gifts then people might not like me. This isn’t foremost in my mind at all but it gets in my way of being prosperous and it keeps me invisible so I can’t experience the prosperity that would spring out of sharing my gifts.

The second thing that is important about this letter is that I was acknowledged for who I am and by someone of influence.  She was telling me in this letter that I was a gift to the world and because of what I said in the last paragraph, I couldn’t take it in.  Instead I put the letter away in a box so I couldn’t see it along with another letter.  One from Ron Mangravite talking about creating a workshop with me.  It is another letter of acknowledgement from someone of influence and it’s in the same box.   Think about that metaphor!

Reading this you might not think I am very evolved, which would not be true.  I am sharing this because I believe it will be helpful for you to see a real example. I have done years of deep personal work and I still find things that are not serving me.   This is just one of those deeply hidden nuggets that needs to be cleared out.  It is not that I haven’t been aware of it but when you have it playing in the background on a loop it is easy to forget it is even running!!

( This is from Katie Gallanti’s post about the impact of the current energies on healers. lightworkers.  “On a very practical healing level, these energies trigger deep releases of core unfinished stuff, some that we did not even know was still unfinished, because it was buried, in the depths that only great light would highlight and unearth. And some of the deeper releases are the most unconscious ones, material that is buried deep into the psychic shadow, alongside many karmic threads completing at once.”)

I know I have gifts that are unusual and powerful but I haven’t been able to own it because of a program from childhood.

We all have a place in our psyche that is coming from fear.  For me it is somewhat convoluted because I want to be seen and acknowledged yet I am afraid to be seen and acknowledged because of what might happen if I am.  This is one of those lack consciousness hypnotic loops I talked about in the last segment of this series. In this case it could be desire for success vs fear of success.  This is what keeps me from letting prosperity in one area of my life!!

So the work that I need to do in order to open my mind to prosperity is clear out the garbage.  Admitting the issue in this blog is very difficult for me to do but I feel it will take the charge away from this issue so it can be released.

What is keeping you from opening your mind to the flow of prosperity?


In order to live a prosperous life there are a couple of things we must do.  One important step is cleansing or clearing the mind. Also known as purification.  If you on a path of spiritual growth you are always clearing something out so that you can be more enlightened.  We come into this world enlightened beings and we are put to sleep during our socialization process.  It happens to everyone.


Clearing is an important step in creating prosperity.  Clutter is anything that gets in the way of what matters most to you. It can certainly be material—unwanted trinkets and clothes that no longer fit—but clutter also can be spiritual, emotional, and psychological.

Clearing clutter from your mind and clearing clutter from your space will help you move closer to prosperity. You must get rid of what you do not want, to make room for what you do want. Clutter is low, stagnant, and confusing energy that constantly drains energy from you whether it is in your mind or in your home.  Prosperity doesn’t flow easily into a mind that is cluttered, crowded, lacking in energy and filled with fear.  All of the affirmations in the world won’t have an impact if you have a lack consciousness hypnotic loop playing in the back ground that you aren’t even aware of.

Feng Shui is the art of arranging your space to create flow and harmony and it can be useful to look at clutter through that lens for a moment.   Your surroundings have a powerful effect on what you attract into your life. When the energy around you is blocked or unbalanced, your prosperity, health, and relationships can be adversely affected. Clutter is one of the biggest obstacles blocking this positive flow of good things into your life.  This can be applied to the house as well as the mind.


Physical clutter is easy to identify, but mental, emotional and spiritual clutter can be more difficult, so start by getting rid of somethings you don’t need.  That might open a space for you to see what is in the way, like finding my letter did for me.

Now sit in silence, close your eyes and try to clear your mind.  As thoughts pour in that distract you from being in your center, pause and write them on a piece of paper.  Repeat the process until all of those invasive thoughts are on paper and your mind finally feels quiet.  Now ask to connect with your divine inner guidance.  Ask your divine inner guidance what clutter is getting you your way.  On the back of the same paper start writing the words that come to your mind.  That information is coming from your inner guidance and not from your mind.

Take a look first at the paper that you used to clear your mind while you were trying to get focused.  Is there a theme?  See if it relates in any way to the divine inner guidance you got.

Now ask your divine inner guidance and your guardian angel to remove those thoughts that are getting in your way of manifesting prosperity.  Watch your thoughts over the next few days and if intrusive negative thinking pops in just acknowledge it and let it flow through and out of your mind.  Awareness is the first step to change.  Once you are aware of  something you can’t go backwards because you will see it every time it pops up.

Take this list that you created out of your question about what is getting in your way of prosperity and below your last entry write:  BE THOU DISSOLVED!

Opening to inner guidance takes practice.  It is a tool that I use every day, and might be a practice you want to begin in your life.

I will see you tomorrow in Part 4 of Prosperity Consciousness.  Thank you for following along.


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