Prosperity Consciousness: Part 2 of 12


The Strongest single factor in prosperity consciousness is indeed self-esteem/self-confidence.  Couple self-esteem with the right thoughts, feelings and actions and you have a winning combination!  Self esteem is the knowing ones preciousness.

You have to have self-confidence to create prosperity.  You have to trust in your self and believe that you deserve to live a prosperous and fulfilled life.

The most important secret about self-esteem and self-confidence is, you already have it.  We are born confident and you can see that if you view the actions and reactions of children, before they become filled with the fears, phobias and inhibitions of thought that come through socialization.  Children have the delightful habit of confidently saying and doing whatever they feel led to say or do, to who ever they feel like saying it to.  They don’t censor themselves. The are authentic!


What does Self Esteem have to do with prosperity consciousness?  It has a lot to do with it!

Self-esteem refers to how you think and feel about yourself which can be positive, negative or a mix of the two. The more positive the thoughts and feelings are, the higher your self-esteem will be and conversely the more negative the thoughts and feelings are, the lower your self-esteem will become.   Self- esteem develops and comes from within yourself, but it is influenced by messages that you receive about yourself from:

  • Family
    • Your self-esteem is higher if you and the other members of your family talk, support and spend time with one another.
  • Friends
    • Your self-esteem is influenced by whether your friends support and respect you. You should not, however, base your self-esteem on what your friends think.
  • Teachers
    • When teachers encourage you to be proud of your work, take challenges, and develop some of the skills to a finer point, it makes you feel good and causes you to have higher self-esteem.
  • School Activities
    • Playing sports, or working on a school newspaper or yearbook helps you to learn new skills, try new things, and enjoy success, all of which raise your self-esteem.  You get an A on a test in school, you are a star, if you get a C or D you are average or below.  Children leave their school years believing they are smart or not so smart depending on their experience.
  • Social Life
    • Hobbies, clubs, dating, parties, and other social activities affect your self-esteem and help you to identify what kind of friends you like, your interests, and your goals.
  • Society
    • How women are portrayed on TV and in the media can affect how you see yourself. Women are often portrayed as unusually thin, extremely beautiful and flawless.
    • You should not compare yourself to these unreasonable images because that will cause you to have low self-esteem.
    • Instead, if you set more realistic standards for yourself you may have higher self-esteem. The images of skinny women won’t affect you since you know that they are both unreasonable and unhealthy and since you are happy with yourself.
    • Women have been influenced negatively by the media for 75 years and many women struggle with their self-image because of it.

With all of these influences starting when we are little children and as we grow into adulthood it’s no wonder people have issues with self-esteem. We live in duality which means things are either black or white, and we learn how to navigate the world by comparing ourselves and our experiences to those around us.  Society puts different values on experiences so we learn that some are good and some are not so good.  If we are having a good experience, we are okay in the eyes of the world.  If we are having a bad experience, we are not okay.  As you can see that comparison starts very early and they are very strong.  We are either good enough or we are not.

No one is evaluated on just the fact that they exist.  No, we have to prove that we have value.  We are not seen as unique, individuals but are pushed to fit in and be like one another.   We also learn very early that there isn’t enough to go around and only certain people are successful and we have to fight for what we have.


So if  prosperity consciousness is the belief we can live a life of prosperity and that we deserve it,  poverty/lake consciousness is the belief that there isn’t enough to go around and that we’re not one of the smart ones, lucky ones or deserving ones. Too many of us secretly believe that there is not enough of what we desire in the world ,whether it is love or money or freedom or health.

Our outlook and attitude on life in general plays a huge part in how happy we are in life and how successful we become. Someone who thinks positively about everything will be more relaxed, calm and smile more than someone who is always looking on the bad side, who lets stress get to them and who constantly wear a frown, creating a vibration that either attracts prosperity or repels it.


In order to understand, develop and employ prosperity consciousness we must have high self-esteem and be in alignment with three things, our thoughts, our feeling and our actions. None of the three is more important than the others. All three must be firing in alignment, similar to a well oil machine.When this synchronization is achieved success/prosperity on all levels becomes effortless. Without this synergy we face only struggle, frustration and self-sabotage.

Let’s look at each individual component and see how we can unify these powers to begin attracting unlimited prosperity.

Our thoughts

In the sequence that triggers prosperity consciousness, thoughts begin the process.  What we think about is what we create because thoughts become things.  If our self-esteem is low we are more likely to think about what we don’t have or what isn’t working.  When we start to think about things we desire from a negative mindset we trigger a sort of poverty consciousness hypnosis.  We begin with a thought about something we want, that leads to examples where something is not happening, which in turn leads us to start to wonder if it every will.  From there we think that it has never happened before so why would it now.  Now we are in a place where our thoughts will create exactly what we don’t want and reinforce our belief in lack.  It is a hypnotic loop that causes your mind to spin around in circles.  Nothing good can be created out of that space.

On the other hand, prosperity consciousness breeds self-confidence.  We have an inner knowing that there is enough for everyone and that what you desire you deserve. If our self-esteem is high we will believe without a shadow of a doubt that what we think about and desire will become part of our reality.  We can imagine exactly what it will look like and how it will feel to have it.  When we create from that space we can’t fail.

So the first key component is our thoughts.


Because our thoughts trigger key number 2… our feelings.

Our feelings

An important part of feeling prosperous is exactly that – a feeling. Your feelings create a vibration that the universe will respond to.  The Universe doesn’t care if it is positive or negative it will generate what you are thinking and feeling and bring it into reality.   Paying attention to creating the feeling of prosperity when you think about those things you want to create in your life. A lot depends on your state of mind and what you believe to be true regarding prosperity.

If you could somehow train your body to feel joy, bliss and happiness every time you thought about prosperity you would become a magnet to for prosperity.   Conversely every time you allow a feeling of fear, anxiety or other negative feelings to become associate with prosperity you instantly interrupt the flow of prosperity to you. And the stronger those feelings are, the faster you attract those negative situations you fear.

That is precisely why it is of major importance to guard our thoughts. Thoughts are the triggering device for feelings. First the thought, then a corresponding feeling.  We act according to what we feel.

Our actions

Actions are the connecting link between our inner world, our thoughts and feelings, and our outer world. Actions solidify and make concrete what we are thinking and feeling. It unifies the three together to create a cohesive power that attracts prosperity.  When you act and respond out of feelings of lack you will do desperate things to “make something happen”.   From that state you are not in flow with the Universe and you will attract things that are a reflection of lack consciousness, such as more dis-ease, less money, less freedom.  If you act out of confidence and trust you will be guided from within to do exactly what it takes to bring prosperity to you.

Until you accept the fact that the universe is abundant and that you are worthy and deserving of good things, you will continue to fight against your own mind because your mind will always bring you back to a lack mentality.

Accept abundance as the supreme law of the universe, continue to build your self-esteem and synchronize your thoughts, feelings and actions with prosperity consciousness and you will see more and more prosperity pour into your life.




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