Living In The Magic


“I find it sad that too many do not understand themselves, or their potential. They don’t even take the time to get to know their unconsciousness. You can truly learn so much, by simply getting to know the “you” that is behind the reality of yourself.”

Lionel Suggs

I have a daily practice of journaling to connect with my Divine Inner Self for guidance, which I have had for years. This part of me has had different names over the years but it always felt like I was contacting something outside of myself, such as guides. When I came upon the idea of connecting with my Divine Inner Self, I felt like I had come home.  The Divine Inner Self is inside of me.


Our Divine Inner Self is the Self that exists at an even higher level than your soul. It is the Divine essence of your being, the source of all light and life within you. Your soul is closer to your personality, and is an intermediary between you and your Divine Self until such time as you are able to directly experience and realize the Divine Self as who you are.


Developing a partnership/union between our personal, human self and our Divine Inner Self enables us to move through our earthly experience with more grace, easy and freedom.  This partnership enables us to receive expanded perceptions from our Divine Inner Self, which are directly connected to our purpose, while we fully experience the world in human form without missing a juicy morsel.


Without this connection we are going through life letting things just happen to us with no particular higher purpose.  We develop ways to abort our experiences when they become uncomfortable, we create exits based on defensive patterns of the personality, rather than seeing that everything that happens to us has a gift for us.  When we respond to life through a connection with our Divine Inner Self we begin to discover that there is another “door” that can carry us above what we are experiencing and give us a higher perspective.  This higher perspective is in alignment with our personal blueprint for our current life. The heart is the bridge to the connection between our human self and our Divine Inner Self.


The difference between my human self and my Divine Inner Self is significant.  The senses and responses of my human self develop from personal experiences from the past so they have personal feelings, thoughts and images attached to them.  When we interact with others we are respond out of filters that contain past experiences. These filters are directly connected to our defensive patterns and someone’s response to us can set off either a positive or negative response from us based on our past.


The senses connected to our Divine Inner Self, on the other hand, come out of a place of love, compassion and most importantly, non-judgment and deep knowing.  When we hear through this Divine Inner Self our ears are free of judgment and not attached to outcome or past experiences.  They happen in the moment based on what is happening in the moment.  Our Divine Inner Self is there to provide us with pure information.  Our mind at that level, becomes and instrument for relaying information from our Divine Inner Self to the human self using language which we can understand, but without the analysis, judgment or filters of the past.


By developing a relationship with our Divine Inner Self we can totally experience the juiciness of all of our experiences without the need to avoid certain parts.  We can experience the richness of life in all of its facets, the good and the challenging, without losing our self or needing to abort that process.


To me this is living in the magic, being able to experience it all while at the same time being able to glean the higher wisdom that we are here to learn.  We can be totally authentic, feel everything, make mistakes without getting stuck or attaching to what happened because we know that there is a greater reality occurring at the same time.  A higher reality that is serving our highest good.   Through this divine partnership the universes is working on our behalf and we are partners in the experience.


Your Divine Self is always trying to reach you, whether you realize it or not, to send you the illumination, love, and wisdom to live as your Divine Self.  You can open to all the gifts that it has for you by consciously making contact with it, opening to it, and asking for Its guidance and assistance. You need to make contact, to open up to, and to have the intention for this to occur. Remember that this Self is who you are, so you are opening to that greater part of yourself.   I am able to ask for guidance on issues that are occurring in my life, ask questions about things I wonder about and I know that the information I am getting is coming from my Divine Inner Self because I have developed a strong connection.   In partnership with our Divine Inner Self the thoughts that become things through this relationship are of the highest order.


Here are a couple of ways to begin working with the Divine Inner Self so that you can begin a personal partnership with that part of you.

Connecting with your Divine Inner Self

Another way to connect with your Divine Inner Self




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