My Journey to Becoming a Visionary Artist-Part Four of Four


This Soul Mandala was created in person by Katelyn in a Yoga Class


In this blog I want to talk about Soul Mandala’s which is one for that my visionary paintings take.

I have been doing what I used to call Soul Portraits since 1997 and have done several hundred of them over the years. After the Goddess images started coming to me a couple of people wondered if I could do the same thing on a personal level and just pull energy through for them.   The first soul portrait I did was for a friend and we sat back to back in the center of a group of 40 women and I painted.  What came through was profound and perfect for her.

Now that you know how and where my visionary inspiration comes from it will be easier to understand the concept of a Soul Mandala.  I create a direct connection between my Divine Inner Self and your Divine Inner Self which is connected to all that is.  The process is similar to the process I do when I start a painting.  I get a part of the image and the rest unfolds as I paint.  I also get higher wisdom with each image that I share with the person I am painting for.

My process of doing soul paintings has evolved over the years.  When I first started I thought I had to be in the persons presence to do the image.  As I honed my skills I realized that the person doesn’t need to be present because I am connecting to their higher self. In this way the paintings are an avenue to connect you to your true spirit, beauty and divine nature.

The information comes through in image and is received at a higher level as you view it, so the person the portrait is for doesn’t have to understand, because the soul does.  The information me also be understood in layers over time.  I have had people come back several years later who didn’t understand the painting originally, and now they do.    The soul portrait acts as a doorway, creating it’s own energy grid, giving your greater access to your higher dimensional self.

I have learned over the years that each image contains coded information that is translated by the soul of  the viewer.  These codes of light impact the neurotransmitters in the brain which translates the information and creates new pathways to health and balance.  Each image is designed to slowly stimulate and awaken the hidden unconscious receptors of the human mind to access coded information. The codes of light in the images are the language of the Universe/God coming from pure Love.
All of my art speaks the language of the heart, which is directly connected to the soul is composed of forms, feelings, colors, shape and sound, not words.  That is why when we open our hearts we are able to perceive and receive the information we need to expand our consciousness beyond the limitations of our mind and ego.  The information will assist you in finding solutions to your current healing crisis if you use it daily as a meditation piece.




“Most mandalas have an intuitive, irrational character and, through their symbolical content, exert a retroactive influence on the unconscious. They therefore possess a “magical” significance, like icons, whose possible efficacy was never consciously felt by the patient.”  Carl Jung

My Soul Mandalas are now done in the traditional Jungian Mandala style within the circle like the two shown above. Mandalas are a graphical representation of the center/self.The mandala is a template for the mind, a state of peace and order, a resolution of the chaos within and is the archetype for wholeness.

In his writings on mandala symbolism, Carl Jung refers to the mandala as “the psychological expression of the totality of the self.” He used mandalas as a healing tool for himself and with clients. Within everyone’s psyche, to one degree or another, can be found a seed-center of the self. I call it a divine blue print. The mandala is a template for the mind, a state of peace and order, a resolution of the chaos within organized into an image.

Without getting to esoteric on you, the Soul Mandala works as a meditation image that brings symbolism and archetypes from your unconscious to your consciousness.  This information gives you information that will support you the more you work with it.  When I connect with your Divine Inner Self I receive symbols that will support you on your path.  They come together in the image to make a statement that is right and perfect for you time in life at the moment.  By meditating on the Soul Mandala, which acts like an oracle, you can connect with your center of wholeness.


Each portrait is an original water color painting that comes with a personal written message for you. Unlike traditional intuitive readings you receive the intuitive painting and a written reading.   There are three different sizes to choose from.

Benefits of having a soul portrait done:

  • To open your heart

  • Shed light on your life path and how to embrace it with clarity

  • Awaken your life purpose

  • Heal and transform your body, mind, heart and soul

  • Acknowledge your divine guidance

  • It Acts as a mandala to help you wake up in your life

  • To help you re-member your true soul

  • It will continue to inform you the more you work with it.

  To order go to Soul Mandala where you will find prices, sizes and other examples of Soul Mandalas.

Thank you for reading about my journey.  I hope you enjoyed it!


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