My Journey to Becoming a Visionary Artist-Part Three of Four

I am going to let someone else tell this part of the story, because up until this point I didn’t realize what I had done. I was just following my spiritual/creative impulse and painting.  Ron Mangravite was an expert on this sort of thing. I met Ron at a monthly Salon that one of my friends had at her home.  I happened to have brought my portfolio of Goddess paintings with me and I was sitting next to Ron and he asked to see them.   As he looked at the first image, he said I see you have this symbol and that symbol and this.  He looked over at me and said “You don’t know what I am talking about do you?’  I said “No”.  What Ron was seeing in my paintings  were significant universal markers of higher consciousness.  There were themes running through the paintings from ancient cultures around the world that I couldn’t possible link together unless I had studied Mythology and Symbolism for years like he had.  I was stunned by what he was saying to me. So here is and excerpt from his presentation for the launch of “The Awaken The Goddess Meditation Deck”   6640518

Reflections on Katelyn’s art work given in 1996 by the late Ron Mangravite (Spiritual teacher and expert in the universal nature of symbolism, mysticism and mythology) at the opening exhibition of her “Awaken The Goddess” meditation images
x “What I am here to share with you is some relatively academic knowledge which I thought was rather superficial and well known to Katelyn, but to my surprise, none of her work came out of academic studies.  It just came up out of where it is supposed to come out of, which doesn’t really happen much anymore.  For me this presentation is a question of introducing a real live person who is doing extraordinary stuff.
This is not an opening of just some pretty exciting art, this is a public introduction to a woman who has found her inner identity in such a way that it transcends anything she is as a citizen, and inhabitant of Minneapolis, even as a woman and certainly as an artist.
I began studying exactly what is happening in the consciousness of a person who can get theses phenomenal telepathic test scores, who can heal someone by touching them with their hand, who can walk into a so called haunted house and precede to describe with relative accuracy the past history of some of the people who lived there.  Where does that come from?  Rather than saying that it’s a weird thing, I wanted to know the why of it.  The pursuit of that converts the searcher.  I became a mystic and then discovered some of the things that are going to give me great pleasure to point out how Katelyn is also discovering these things.
If people have discovered that they are driven to this search to find mystical openings for some kind of spiritual awareness, they traditionally tried to find ways and means of allowing their inner cravings to somehow take form.  They try to find ways to get them up and out of themselves and find a medium of expression.  What people do if they are fortunate is to find an established group or teaching methods.
It was known that in order for a person to understand something of what lay ahead in the metaphysical path to enlightenment they had to first understand themselves.   They had to understand and sort through their own identify and distinguish between those elements which were imposed by culture, and those elements which were genuine to them and those elements which were universal.  this involved a tremendous amount of inner pain and searching because when you are trying to tell the difference between what is you and what is simply an appendage, the only way you can do it is to cut it and see if it bleeds.  Artists who are working, whether in fiction, or the graphic arts, or in dance or anything else, know that if they are going to do something that has never been done before it has to be covered with their own blood.  It has to be a thing that comes from a piece of their own flesh, taken out of the body and molded.
A master of such initiates would look at the images they dredge up from their subconscious and know instantly whether they were simply copying stuff that was in the air, whether they were taking designs from the wall, or whether they had found someone else’s pictures.  They would know whether this was their truth or not.  If it was their truth this would have in fact been a masterpiece that would allow you to graduate and say, “I know my own identify, I am free to do this”.
In attempting to find her identity, which is the Goddess, and find ways she could manifest, she apparently went down deep enough to get totally past Katelyn, to get totally past everything but her femininity, because these images are the Goddess.  Katelyn dug down deep enough to get past anything that is the person and found real legitimate expressions that came from such a mixed bag of a culture that it would be very difficult for her to have truly cheated.  She does not know that some of these symbols are Babylonian, Sumerian, Chinese, and Welsh.  She cold not possibly known without at least 10 or 15 years of study.  She could not have made this mixed bag up by faking it.  It has to come from someplace very real.
And therefore, I am extremely privileged to be here to be more or less, the official midwife to announce to the world that this is not just an artist – Katelyn is an initiate of consciousness.”
Ron Mangravite
I sat in the audience that night will a room full of friends and I was as stunned as they were as he went through about 15 paintings and told us what they were saying.
Ron was a big supporter of my artwork and he had a big impact on me in the short time I knew him.  He was going to write a hand book for the meditation deck and talk about the meaning of each of the images in the deck.  I was hesitant because I wanted people to interpret them for themselves and get their own understandings.   I regret not having him do it for a number of reasons.   I realize in retrospect that it is difficult for the average person to interpret visionary art.  Ron died suddenly two years after this presentation so it was no longer even possible.
He was the founder of Foundation Mystery School in South Carolina and one time I asked him if I could join the school and study with him.  He said I already knew everything that he was teaching and didn’t feel I would benefit.
 Ron Mangravite 1933-1998 Rest in Peace
More about Ron
In part Four of my Journey to Become a Visionary Artist I will talk more about my creating process.

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