My Journey to Becoming a Visionary Artist- Part One of Four


I have been an artist all of my life but it didn’t become visionary until the late ‘80’s.  In 1985 I had a near death experience and after that my artwork not only changed but it opened me to higher levels of information.  The process that I go through is somewhat difficult to explain but I will give it a shot.

My early works were a reflection of an inner need to control, so my style was very tight and lacked life. Things changed dramatically after I used a technique, which required me to use my non-dominant hand for drawing.  My art therapy training taught me that this was a way of accessing other parts of the brain.  I created sixteen paintings using permanent ink, watercolors, with my non-dominant hand and I discovered that it forced me to give up my control and accept what naturally flowed from my pen without censoring myself.

When I looked at the images I was struck with how alive they were.  A space opened in me that allowed me to access another dimension using my dominant hand and permanent ink to draw.  Over time I have developed a style that flows naturally in the same way as our handwriting does and it allows me to listen to Spirit and let the paintings paint themselves, using me as the vehicle.  I learned that I have a wise friend inside of me who knows far more than I do and I have become like the watcher or witness as images create story on the paper in front of me.  In this way, Spirit speaks to me in my native language which is image, color, line and movement.

Like fairies dancing in the garden, images spring forth on my drawing board from a place deep inside me and beyond.  I am often unaware of what they mean because they are not linear or logically sequenced, but they engage my psyche in an energetic dialog. I usually get a small piece of the image that becomes a portal and the rest of the image just flows.  Over time the unconscious content comes forward and I again understanding at deeper and higher levels.  I believe that without my art my healing process would not have been as concise, efficient, directed or deep.  The art that has created through me has helped me to remember who I truly am at a deep, profound level.

The process of creating art has taught me to relinquish my need to control and understand, so that I can connect with that which is mystery and listen to its wisdom.  Through this form of visioning I am able to create images that spring from that inner well of wisdom in union with the collective unconscious and the wisdom of the ancients.  The images that result speak to deep levels of the psyche and activate ancient wisdom in the conscious mind of the viewer.  Thus an energetic dialog can take place that touches the psyche through and interchange of color, symbol, metaphor, movement, image and space, all of which dance together to speak the language of the soul.  The information received speaks differently to each viewer and whether they understand at a conscious level or not they have been touched in some way just by viewing the image. All of the information that makes up each image is intuitive, from shape, symbol to color. It all comes to me in the process of painting.

I learned not to question it even if it seems crazy because of what I tell write about in the next installment.

I will talk more about that in tomorrow’s post: My Journey to Becoming a Visionary Artist- Part Two



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