The Expectant Heart

2682523 Painting by Katelyn Mariah

“Nothing is obtained simply by wanting and nothing is achieved by relinquishing responsibility to a higher authority.  Belief is the act of be-living, for to be live is to believe, and will is the ultimate medium of the self.”


The one with the expectant heart

is pregnant with possibilities…

Seeing hope for the future.

Are you shocked when things turn out good for you, or do you live with an expectant heart, where all things work together for you highest and best?  Your approach to life truly effects the outcome of your day.

There is a supernatural joy that can only be found in total security, in trusting and in allowing good things to come to you. Without these things many people seem to miss out on living a life filled with genuine joy.

If the odds are 100 to 1 that something might turn out in your favor, the expectant heart doesn’t say, why would I win with those odds? No, it says “Hey, someone has to win, why not me?”. If there is only going to be one man/woman standing why not let that one be you, and if each of us thought that than the one man standing would not be standing alone.

The idea of the expectant heart is a powerful one!

My definition of an expectant heart is one that looks forward to the fulfillment of a desired outcome because they know without a doubt that it will happen. They are in a space of trust and allowing so they are expansive to possibilities.   The trick is to be expectant yet being able to let go of expectation.  It is the balance point in a paradox.  There is a subtle but distinct difference between having expectations from a demanding standpoint and being expectant from an allowing and receiving standpoint.  In receiving mode one expects only the best, because why would they expect less for themselves?


“The eye of God sees everything for it contains the vast horizon that stretches through life, life on the planets, life in the cosmos and eternal life. Expand yourself into life and experience all that is possible. The only limitation is your imagination itself.  If you can imagine it, it can be manifest into physical form because you are the co-creator of your experience. You have the ability to create. The wisdom of creation is in your cells, in your DNA and deeply seeded in your soul. You can learn to access those records.  Ask to expand in your wisdom and to be able to live from an expectant heart and you will receive assistance to do so.

Do not live a small life when you can live one of greatness.  Greatness is a choice.

If you have been living small it is time to step into your greatness now, for you are not serving evolution if you are not living to your highest potential.  You are here to do something that only you can do and trying to conform is getting in the way of that achievement.  It doesn’t serve the universe, mankind or you to walk small and hide your authentic self. Step beyond the field of fear, into the embrace of love where all things are not only possible but probable.  It is understood that man has not been taught to live authentic lives yet this is what you are being asked to do.  As children of Creation there is not doubt, for you can be secure in the knowing that you are supported by The Loving Creator who expects the best for you as well as for everyone else.  You are part of that Creative Force.

Infuse yourself in expectancy of the vision of the world the way you desire to see it, send that vision to the higher realms and the magnetic core of the Universe, which is your magnetic core, where is can manifest. Release expectation and hold space for allowing.  In doing so you can expect the desire to be fulfilled.  This is not wishful thinking, it is lining up with the goodness that is your birthright.

It is time to hold space for a world vision that is the highest and best for everyone.  People put a lot of effort, thought and energy into make the world less than what is possible.  Man needs to create a New World vision in all of it’s details. How will it look? How will it feel?  Don’t think small, don’t think small. Don’t think maybe, for doubt will interrupt the creation process.  Do this with your vision for yourself.  What do you want to create? What will it look like? What will it feel like.  Don’t hold back.

Think yes…think big… expect great things…expect total support…expect your dreams to become reality…and what you expect will manifest.  This is the beauty of creating from an expectant heart.


Each person is here for a unique purpose and that purpose can not be fulfilled in its highest from unless we are the complete expression of who we are. It is time to be the expression of your beautiful and authentic self.

It is time to release programs of lack and programs of doubt and fear.  They are holding you back, creating conflict which results in discord.  Release the beliefs based on your history and experience and wipe the slate clear.  We no longer create from history or experience.

Each one of you is a divine spark from the light that is the Creator. Why expect anything less than total support, blessings and love for the expression of Creation that we are.

This calls for greatness that can only happen with an expectant heart that is trusting and secure that it deserves to experience greatness. You need to be all that you can be and that can only happen with total support for being.  In alignment with your heart and the Light all things are probable.”

It is time to live in paradox. Be pregnant with expectation and at the same time let go of expectations.  We are learning to living from a place of allowing and trust.  This calls for a shift in thinking.  Set an intention for yourself to radically alter the way you think, release fear and open to receive harmony, peace, abundance and love.  Greatness is a choice of the heart.  Open to the goodness of the Universe and you will see a magical world unfold in front of you.


(re-write from a piece I wrote in June 2004


One thought on “The Expectant Heart

  1. Reblogged this on NR Wishart Healing and commented:
    There is so much for everyone written in this beautiful piece. Maybe you already knew some of these messages, maybe you have felt these words within your own being. Maybe you are totally lost or have no idea. Chances are that we all still need to read this and really feel every bit of depth here. And absorb every ounce.

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