Beauty Above and Beauty Below


Below the surface of the Earth

just beyond our eyes,

lies dirt, worms and rotting things,

the compost of our lives.


No one in their great travels

would choose to visit there,

for we would rather walk in beauty

than stand to face our fear.


But is is in this dark, hot place

beneath the earth’s fair crust

where beauty gets her beginnings

as she rises from the dust.


The compost is her wombspace

where possibility never ends.

Where demons of the darkness

become our closest friends.


There is beauty in the darkness

just as beauty lives in the light.

You see it in the darkened sky

as stars twinkling in the night.


It is floating in the ocean

in the darkness of her floor,

just as it lies upon the sands

as starfish and shells on the shore.


For beauty it lives in all of us

in our joy and in our sorrow,

just as it is in the depth of our hearts

in all of our hopes for tomorrow.


Beauty is a pearl within,

be it black or be it white.

The treasure that we discover

rising out of the inner light.


Katelyn Mariah



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