Building Homes in the Forest


The Earth has been referred to as our Mother since time began.  She is fondly called “Mother Nature” and “Mother Earth”.  Her motherly body echoes through the landscape, in her rolling hills that flow with falling waters, the nourishing fluid from her core.  Her caves draw us into her deep, moist womb and her sand fingers reach out into the sea.  The sea is her vast unconsciousness, the dark, fluid-filled womb of our origins. She is moist, rich, fertile, juicy and sensual as the cycles of life spring from her body in a free-flowing dance.  She is in union with the solar system as she dances in partnership with the sun, moon and all of the planets, their rhythm impacting all of life. Earth Mother is the perfect role model for how life should be lived in flow and freedom, as she shifts, changes and transforms in perfect timing with the natural cycles.  She is the mirror and original blueprint of the human body.  We are created from Earth and we return to Earth and the Earth is reflected within us.


When I lose sight of the sacred and my natural beauty, inner wisdom and flow, the Earth Mother calls me back to her and I return to explore, remember and reconnect. As a child, I found peace, comfort and freedom being in nature and I felt my innate connection with Mother Earth.  It was the only therapy I needed.  Even though I lived in the city I could find a patch of forest and make it my sanctuary.  It was there in the woods that Mother Nature held me in her lap. When I was required to go to church as a child I would have preferred to go to the woods.  Church felt pretentious to me as a young girl.  It still does in a lot of ways.  Nature has always been unpretentious and loving. I didn’t consciously know the Goddess as a child, because I was taught that God was a man, but on some level I am sure I recognized her in nature’s playground.


I built forts in the woods that were elaborate little homes among dirt and trees, where I could be exactly who I was.  A child’s fort was sacred space and no one bothered them, as far as I could tell.  It was an unspoken rule that you never went into someone else’s fort without permission and kids respected that, at least in the forest that I hung out in. I could leave my fort and the things inside of it unprotected for days, and nothing was disturbed when I returned. HarrisCenterFortsKids3_BW-sm RECREATING WOMB SPACE

I believe these houses in the forest were early attempts to recreate womb space, because womb space within mother/Mother was the first place we felt secure. The woods around my house were peppered with them, as children made attempts to return to the womb. They were made of materials from the earth, in combination with materials of man, using sticks, branches, ropes, leaves, cardboard, blankets and boards and even real furniture from home.  Each fort was a unique expression of it’s maker.  I happened to be the only girl building forts in this forest.  I guess it was a guy thing.  Mine were dark, intimate, earthy and small so I felt protected and contained.  I brought things from home to decorate it and make it more like home.  This is where I went to return to the Mother’s womb. Only special friends could go into my sacred space where time stood still and the veils were thin.  Children instinctively know how to stop time and slip behind the veils of illusion with an ease that disappears with age.  Even when I went into the fort alone I never felt lonely because there was a presence there and the animals, birds, bugs, butterflies, trees, plants and paths were my friends.  I could go into my space in the woods, in the dark and the outside world would disappear.

adf57acdb1734ad5424050ad8aba91b2 NATURE IS ALWAYS CALLING ME BACK

It’s not surprising that I return to nature, now as an adult, at times when my world feels insecure and chaotic.  She calls to me, I listen, and through the connection I am brought back to center.  I return to her rolling breasts of soil, deep womb caves, rainbow waterfalls and fingers of sand reaching out to the river.  She becomes my confidant, companion, my friend and lover. In nature I remember how to make time stand still, how to slip behind the veils of illusion and how to converse with my Mother.  Information slips easily through the cracks in time and I find answers to my questions. Nature is real and she doesn’t pretend.  Answers to questions come through the metaphor and language of the surroundings, through the birds, clouds, beasts, plants and all of natures creations.  One time an whole eagle’s egg roll up on a wave and I caught it in my hand and my question that day was answered. If you are open and listen what she is saying can be heard. In the silence, it is hard not to be open.  Nature’s playground is expansive and there is no positive and negative polarity because all is in perfection there. I invite you to return to nature and the womb of Mother Earth and rediscover the sacred landscape within.                     All rights reserved 2015 Katelyn Mariah 14087_10152760313891750_430416842179297373_n


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