What is more Beautiful, the compost or the Flower that Grows from it?


Painting by Katelyn Mariah

She awoke within a rich, dream landscape, in awe of its beauty as it stretched out endlessly before her. It was a landscape that was foreign to her eyes and yet familiar. She felt small in this land of giant structures that danced before he.  As she began to walk and explore, her eyes adjusted to the dark beauty.

There were rivers of bright rainbow colors stretching like ribbons across the land. The reds, browns, greens and blacks of the towering mountains grounded her into this strange new place. Structures shaped like cylinders, tubes and rectangles reached high above her, their triangular entrances invited her in.

She approached one of them and its silver-and-rust-colored surface was smooth and rough to her touch. She savored how it teased her senses. Never had she experienced beauty in this way. She entered through the triangular door to find a golden, red river flowing through it, its shore gurgling with giant, colorful bubbles that rose above her.

As she peered into a bubble, her own beauty bounced off of its reflective surface and echoed through her. The landscape was organic in its beauty, and her heart nearly burst from the awe that she felt. S she stepped outside into the dark lightness, she stood before a large, smooth, glistening structure that appeared to roll from within the rich, rusty brown land around her. Its undulating curves were pink, purple and burgundy marbled and as she put her hand to the silky surface, it felt soft and cool to her touch. It was alive with beauty.

Suddenly on the path in front of her appeared a large, black bird that beckoned her to come to it. As she approached the bird, it swooped her up in its wings and flew into the sky. She was overcome with sadness as she left the beautiful place she had just begun to explore.

When she looked below at the landscape receding in the distance, she recognized that it was a pile of garbage rotting into compost before her eyes. From the pile she could see a strong, tall, green plant growing from its center, with a flower just moments from displaying its beauty.

Originally posted in Dimensions of Beauty


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