Words About The Art of Allowing



Dear Divine Inner Self

Talk to us about the Art of Allowing

Allowing your flow of abundance is a true art.  To stay detached from outcome, where you are trained to attach, is mastery. The paradox of this allowing is, that it is, the very thing that will bring about the manifestation of all of your desires, yet you have not been taught that.

Your desires spring from your divine sacred blue print, which you created before you incarnated. It is the fuel that propels you to the fulfillment of your purpose and you are not wired to this knowing.

Human wiring is designed to be just the opposite in duality.  It seems counter productive but it is the very thing that leads to a deeper understanding of your self.  It is the path to authenticity and you unravel all that does not serve you.

If you could trust that what you desire is part of your destiny and that it can’t not be fulfilled you could relax easily into allowing.  But that is not the case.

To allow means to stay present in the moment and let your life flow.  This does not mean that you take no action.  To the contrary there is a time to be still and to listen and a time to take action on that listening.  Allowing also means accepting what is in the moment and not attaching to what appears.  Allowing each person’s path to unfold without interference.

Humans have a tendency to close doors too soon, grasping on to what appears to be evidence of manifestation.  Evidence is showing you that you are on the right path to that which you want to manifest but you must remain open to unlimited possibilities.  You will know when you have arrived at your desire by the still small voice within you.  Until you hear it, it is only evidence of the way.

As it is, allowing must become your practice so that you can shift into that state.  You must consciously allow. When allowing becomes your natural state your life will unfold effortlessly and magically because you have created a magnetic field around yourself that is charged to the manifestation of your desires.


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