CrEAtiVe PlaY in the FieLd of IMaGinAtioN


The Art of Imagination by Josephine Wall

JOIN ME on a magical adventure into the realm of creativity.  Just reading this blog will expand your creativity.  Follow me and let’s play in the field of imagination.

Creativity, play and imagination are sisters, interconnected energies that assist us in being co-creators of our life.  They assist us in bringing clarity, energy and life to our desires.  Their influence is particularly strong at this time, because we are being asked to see life, our experience and the people around us with new eyes.  With new eyes we look forward into life’s mystery, rather than backward into our storehouse of memories, as we create our future.

Do you remember as a child how life was when there wasn’t a vast amount of experience?  Every day, every experience, every encounter was fresh and not tainted by the past.  As we grew and gained experience, the past mistakenly became the model for the present and the future.  The storehouse of memory became the matrix from which our reality was created and how we created our world.  We walked into our experiences expecting that they would look like ones we had in the past.


Memory is not reality. It is our mind’s way of cataloging what we have done. Past experiences served us in the past, but they do not serve us in the present, nor do they help us create our future.  What you have accomplished or not accomplished should not be a gauge for what you can accomplish.  I don’t want to be seen by others through the eyes of the past and neither do they. We do one another a disservice by doing that. It’s as though we are holding them hostage so they can’t move forward.  When we hold onto old energy we keep ourselves and others trapped and don’t allow room for change. The past is gone and so are the experiences that created it.  It is comforting to know that we don’t have to keep doing things the way they have been done in the past, isn’t it?

The challenge now is to walk as though there is no memory bank of experiences behind you.  Life’s adventure is to walk forward into each day, like a child, as though it is the beginning of something new, because it truly is!  The future contains the unlimited and mystery is filled with many pleasant surprises.  With our hands open to the future, we can receive more than we can imagine is possible.  Living in such a way takes total trust in the living kindness of our Creator, our self.

For a moment, just think about a life that is creative, playful and imaginative.  The Creator is a your call to manifest your desires for you so that you can not only evolve, but truly be in joy in the process.  Let us just dance in the energies of creativity, play and imagination for a few minutes and see how it feels.   From the vantage point of life filled with unlimited possibilities, we enter into a new playing field.  It is the field of imagination in which the sisters, Creativity and Play, dance.


Spirit Flight by Josephine Wall

Let’s take an imaginative journey together.  Let’s begin understanding the field of imagination we have stepped into by looking at the two dancers.

Creativity is a whiling energy filled with rainbow colors. She is uninhibited by the judgments of others.  Her clothes are an outrageous expression of who she is in any given moment. She wears wild hats and her long red hair falls to her waist.  In her hair, she wears the components of all that is. She is the void where all things are possible and where nothing stops her from dreaming her dreams.  She know that what she dreams she can create.  She has no preconceived ideas of what forms her dreams or creations will take.  This is possible because she trusts that only what is in her highest and best will manifest in her reality, because she is loved by her Source.

Robes of stardust

The energy of her sister, Play, is also magical as it dances in harmony with her.  She wears a robe of stardust and has crystal bubbles in her hair. As she moves, she leaves a trail of twinkling stars behind her.  Play is fearless, she is whimsical, and she has boundless energy. Her laughter, songs and stories are ancient, and they echo her wisdom through the canyons, over mountains and into rivers.  Play is the energy of joy as she darts, pirouettes, bounces and leaps through the field of imagination with her sister. She lives in  the moment for the pure pleasure of existing and experiencing all that is possible. Play is the expression of freedom.

The field of imagination is within each of us!  Creativity and Play are a source in each of us that brings us back to our true nature–the essence of what we have always been.  The field that we played in as children. The place where life was always new. We leave that child part of us behind only to spend many years searching for it again.  Looking for something that we already have!

Imagine your most creative, playful, imaginative self.   What would you be wearing?  What would you have in your hair?  What songs and stories would you be singing? Would you be young or would you be an ancient youth? What colors would be on your palette? Who would you be different from the people around you? How would your life be different from how it is now? Let your imagination go wild as you picture yourself anew!

Creativity and Play want to play with you again out in the field of imagination.  With them life becomes a blank canvas upon which to create a new image.  Each day is a new canvas on which to play and create all that you desire. You are the artist of your own reality. What do you want to create on the canvas of your life? Sadness or joy?  Abundance or lack? Conflict on love?

It really is as simple as that, because we are at choice. Each day is a choice, and every interaction is an opportunity to choose anew. You can create what you choose to imagine, so choose to imagine the ideal, the best possible outcomes, and the highest and in ourselves and and in others because the possibilities are endless.

The challenge is to release the old images that didn’t work and the fear attached to them.  We have support to do this work, for it is our birthright and true nature to be creative, playful, imaginative, loving and joyful, because we are children of the Divine.


As old images and beliefs arise, ask for help releasing them and then remember your new canvas.  Go to the new canvas and create the new image.  If your relationships are not working, re-imagine the ideal. If you are not in a place where abundance and prosperity flow, re-imagine that it does.  Do it again and again until you believe it to be true, and each time you do this, release it to the Heart of the Loving Creator, who ever that is for you, and watch what happens.

This is your story, why not create one that is full of joy, magic and bliss?

Miracles do happen, for when we change our inner reality, the outer reality must follow suit.

This is an invitation to dance in the field of imagination with our sisters, Creativity and Play, and return to who we truly are; our authentic self.  As you begin to play with the energies of Creativity, Play and Imagination your life will begin to change in magical ways and you will experience things you never knew were possible.  All you need to do is start taking baby steps and join in the dance.


(This is a re-work of an article I wrote for the Edge Magazine in 2001)


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