Simplification of Law of Attraction

Hand holding precious seedling
Hand holding precious seedling

Thinking Forward…

Dear Divine Inner Self,  How do I line up with what I desire so it comes into reality?

Dear one,
It is easy, yet hard for humans, because you have to let go of past understanding and experience. Nothing from the past can bring you new reality.  The past served you to learn what you do and don’t want and that information is stored in your psyche, you don’t have to rehash what you have learned. Your soul knows what is best so let that be your guide.

For example:  You can not think about past relationships and create the kind of relationship you now desire.  Act as though you have never had a relationship before in this life, as though you just landed on a new planet and a desire to be connected with a man/woman just popped into your head from out of no where.   From there an imaginative story begins to unfold, like a movie in your mind.  You see the new relationship in this imaginative story just as you would like it to look. 

You have to become like a child with no memory of experience.  When you meet someone see it as a new adventure unlike anything that has been before, not letting behaviors or judgments from other relationships slip in to use as comparison.  This is true of romantic relationship as well as non-romantic relationships.  If you find yourself judging, that is based on something from the past and has nothing to do with this new person, unless you let it.  When feelings come up that are triggered by the past let them quickly slip away, because you are creating something that has never been created before with someone you have never created with before.  

Children are the best creators because they do this naturally.  They do not start thinking about the past until it is suggested to them that they do so.

This kind of creating can be done with anything; your body, your business, a new relationship, anything.  

You start over fresh, as though there is no past, everyday.  This is a new concept for the human brain because the past has always been used as a reference point for creating the future, when in reality life is fresh and new each day.  

That is the problem with time and fixed material existence, past experience seems to be real in the present, but it isn’t. It is as real as the future, which is not real either.  This is what you call staying in the present moment.  

When you awake in the morning it is a new day that has nothing to do with the past. So create forward, not backward.  

What we are saying is not to bring the past into the future with you as you create.  Remember that your life is really soul driven and there is a blue print of your life.  This is not to say that you have no free will because you are your soul so you created the plan.

A big part of creation is imagination.  Imagination is really just connecting with your blueprint and manifestation is bringing that information into your reality.  Everything has already been created in another realm.  Imagination is a tool to manifesting what you believe are only dreams and desires but they are part of your divine plan.  Imagination is higher dimensional memory of what you wanted to create once you arrived in a reality where you forgot your divinity. 


The past is just a hollow echo of what you have created to this point, not a blueprint or prediction for the future.   It is a record of what you have created and has nothing to do with what you want to create in the future unless you choose it to be that.


That is why Albert Einstein said:

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”


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