Blame and The Law of Attraction

“Sometimes the universe gives you a gift and if you grab hold of it, your life transforms…The gift? Understanding Attraction.” ~Tammi Putnam

I have been practitioner of the Law of Attraction for years before the Secret came on the scene, but that video helped me take it to a new level. Esther and Jerry Hicks and Abraham have made the Law of Attraction something I could use in my life all of the time because they gave it practical application. Understanding how it works will transform your life!

The Law of Attraction is the universal law that says whatever you focus your energy or attention on, you’ll attract more of the same. To put it in the most simple terms, “like attract like.” It is an easy law to understand and not always easy to put into practice. It means that you have to look at yourself, when something happens, to uncover what energy and vibration (thoughts and feelings) you are sending out that is creating what you are seeing in your life. It means uncovering the thoughts and feelings that you have that are creating your current life.

If you truly understand how the Law of Attraction works, you see that blame has no part in it. It is about taking responsibility for thoughts and feelings, finding a better feeling thought and re-aligning with Source. If blame enters the picture, whether to blame somene else, or yourself, you are not taking responsibility. We live in a world where we are taught to immediately find blame – whether it’s blaming others, or blaming ourselves, it really doesn’t matter. We get defensive, trying to be right and sometimes lose relationships in the process. As long as someone is to blame we don’t have to take responsibility for our thoughts or feelings. Blaming and going into defense are hard habits to break because it is a social program that many people use. When you start to play the blame game, you will attract more things to blame courtesy of the Law of Attraction.

If, instead, we see everything as a mirror that is reflecting something to us we can take responsibility for both the exquisite things that happen to us and the painful things that happen. Taking responsibility for our thoughts and feelings, finding a better feeling thought and re-aligning with Source is key. When we find ourselves in a negative feeling place we can shift our focus and move up the emotional scale to a better feeling thought, with no need for hanging out in the negative emotion to figure it out.

Asking why something happened and trying to figure it out is pointless and energy consuming and it keeps the focus on what you don’t want. I remember a time when processing our feelings, diving into our past and figuring out why something happened or why I was behaving a certain way was the way to transformation. It doesn’t really work and keeps us stuck and focused on things that we don’t want.

There is no need to explore the past, there is a need to re-adjust our focus in the present and choose a better feeling thought, because that is the place where we can manifest our dreams. In every moment, you have the opportunity and the choice to create your future moments by being aware of how you’re feeling. When you see yourself blaming someone else for what is happening in your life take responsibility for it yourself. This doesn’t mean that you have to ignore your pain or hurt feelings and not say anything. It is important in relationships to share what you are feeling as long as you self reflect, take responsibility for your part, and find peaceful resolution.

Look at the situation were you are blaming someone for something in your life and determine what you are thinking that has brought that situation to you. Every action and every feeling that someone has toward you is a reflection of what you are or were feeling. You attracted this person or situation because of a feeling you were sending out to the Universe and they are a blessing because they are a guidepost to what you are thinking. Take responsibility of your hard day, your uncomfortable feelings and change them. Understand that changing your perception of others and loving yourself will attract more good things into your life.

We are not always going to agree with everyone in our lives but if we understand the Law of Attraction and self reflect on what it is we are doing to create the situations we are in we can come from a place of understanding and stay out of blame.


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