The She Wolf of Pure Beauty


It is not just a name! It is a statement of who you are!

Anyone who has met me in the last 18 years knows me as Katelyn Mariah but that hasn’t always been my name. It is my given name because I gave it to myself, but it isn’t the given name my parents gave me. The day that I changed my name everyone called me that from that day forward as though they all knew that was the name intended for me. My mother even calls me Katelyn.

I was born, Lynn Katherine Berry and that was my name until I was 23 when I got married and it changed to Lynn Katherine Thompson. I didn’t like the name Lynn. It was too short and over too quickly and it didn’t fit who I am. I wonder if my parents liked it either because up until I was 10 my family called me “Daughter”. I hated that! I was the only daughter my parents had until I was 13 but I didn’t like to be called Daughter. It seemed so impersonal and nondescript. I think my brothers thought it was my real first name.

It was like they had forgotten my real name or maybe they realized I needed a two syllable name and Lynn was too short. If I was out playing and dinner time came around, one of my parents would shout “Daughter” out the door and I would eventually come home. Ugh! I should have just stayed away until they called me by name! I might still be outside playing somewhere waiting to be called home to dinner if I did. When I was ten I let my parents know that didn’t want them to call me Daughter any more and to call me by my name.

As I think of it now I wonder what impact it had on me to be called by a nondescript name all of my informative years. Is that why I felt invisible and not important for a lot of my life? Was it a statement to my psyche that I was less important than my brothers who were all called by their names. It is a curious thing to think about.

Eighteen years ago I changed my name to something that I liked. I went through the whole process of changing it legally in court. My intent was that Katelyn Mariah was my name and it was said together with no last name. When I went to change my driver’s license the man who took my application asked me what my last name was and I told him I didn’t have one. He said “That is a problem” and made Mariah my last name. Mariah is not my last name and I am not Ms. Mariah.
Our name is very important and it should reflect who you are. Our name can lay the foundation for your personality. For instance a young girl endowed with a birth name that is considered to be particularly feminine may appear to develop a personality based on her sense of femininity. This may be traced to the simple fact that her parents, by giving her such a name, may be establishing an environment where those aspects of her personality are encouraged and nurtured. Giving a child any kind of name, whether it be popular, creative, regal-sounding, or based on family or ethnic heritage, can have substantial influence on how they form their identity. In many cultures the naming of children is considered a sacred responsibility and it is given a lot of thought. In some cultures it is done by the community and in others it is done by the elders and often kept secret.

On a metaphysical level your name is a sound frequency and every time you hear it that frequency informs who you are. There is a numerological sequence that goes with it as well that has meaning. When you change your name everything that doesn’t match the frequency has to fall away so you can embody the new frequency. I remember this being challenging a lot of the time.

Everything shifted when I changed my name. I came more into alignment with my authentic self. This process of change took me three years as my personality unraveled and rewoven itself into a name authentic to me. On some subtle levels I am still growing into it 18 years later. I love my name and wouldn’t want it to be anything else.

I have always thought my name meant ‘Pure Wind’ so just for fun I thought I would do some research on the meaning of my names. First I put each name in separately and this is what I discovered:

Life is never dull with your adventurous and restless spirit. You are always on the move and seeking a new challenge to pit your wits against. Being in touch with nature you love the outdoors. You have keen intuition and a desire for knowledge and you can be something of a crusader. When you apply discipline and tenacity to your energetic mind then leadership positions are easily available to you.

Bitter “Hebrew”
You have great self-confidence and a charming personality which attracts many friends and admirers. Your innate sense of personal power and ability to lead are ideally suited to positions of authority. Being so versatile and seeing the big picture your ambitions are high and much is usually expected of you. With patience and tenacity you will certainly fulfill the great potential you have for success.

When I put the names together in the same site as the above comments came from what I got was right on with some of the above mixed in:

Katelyn Mariah

Emotional and artistic you have enormous energy and creativity although a rather serious approach to life . Through your own experiences you have learned to be understanding and compassionate towards others and always willing to help out. You are courageous, independent and strong-willed with a desire to use your talents in progressive projects which will benefit mankind.

The research also says Katelyn is an Celtic/Gaelic name that means ‘pure beauty’ and Mariah means God is my teacher, and she-wolf. I like the idea of a she-wolf of Pure Beauty! There is power and beauty in that.

Everyone should have a name that they like and if you don’t I encouraged you to find one that resonates with you and start using it even if you don’t do it legally.


2 thoughts on “The She Wolf of Pure Beauty

  1. I also changed my name to a name I wanted, although I only changed my last name. I agree that it is very important vibrationally that a name is in harmony with one’s soul and essence. Lots of people call my daughter Morgan “Megan”. It happened so frequently that when she was about 3 or 4, I asked her if she wanted to change her name to Megan. She adamantly told me “NO!” She loves her name, but knows that I am open to her choosing a name if she wants.

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