River of Dreams

I have been wanting to lose 15 pounds for the last 4 months and modifying my eating habits hasn’t had an impact. A few days ago I started saying ” I allow my body to release 10 pounds, easily and effortlessly”. Today I am 4 pounds lighter and I haven’t changed anything else.  What ever thoughts I am unaware of that have been keeping me from doing this are gone.

Allowing is an interested concept. The dictionary defines it as a verb that means to let happen or permit, give permission for something to happen, to let yourself have something, often something that gives you pleasure.

Think of the idea of permitting ourselves to have our desire and then just letting it happen. It seems easy enough but it isn’t as easy as it seems. There are all kinds of thinks keeping us from permitting joy, happiness and satisfaction into our lives.

As I write this, phrases that I heard as a child about allowing are going through my head and I wonder if these have been floating around in my unconscious influencing me and I am making them conscious by writing this. I hear “no talking allowed at the table”, “no running is allowed in the hallways”, “no gum allowed in school”, most of the things there not allowed were connected with pleasure and fun, so could it really translate in our consciousness as, ” no fun allowed” when you boil it down. Now that I think about it I never heard messages about what was allowed.

The Art of Allowing is a shift in consciousness. When used in the context of Universal Law of Attraction and the Art of Allowing it is ALLOWING in the biggest possible sense of the word, meaning an over all state of allowing Everything to be OK with you, just as it is.

When we are able to allow people, things and situations to be as they and let go of our judgments about them, our tendency to try to fix or wanting things to change, we begin to tap into the immense power of allowing. We tend to look at things based on our own experience and perception and judge based on that, thinking “how can that be right for someone.” Everyone is in the right place, right now, doing exactly what they are meant to be doing, whether what they are doing works for us or not. That is a hard pill to swallow isn’t it?
In our allowing the world expands and we open ourselves to all kinds of possibilities that we might not have seen before. I have a gift for seeing all kinds of perspectives and options, that is what makes me a good therapist. I find it easy to get above a situation and understand it from different directions. Clients often say ” I never thought of it that way” as they have an ah ha moment

Allowing means giving up our need to control, to plan and hang on to old forms, or being right. We are pushed out of our comfort zone when we just allow things to unfold. We were not taught to do that. In fact most of us were taught to set goals and take action steps to get there. We are taught to be control freaks!

The deeper level of allowing is about trusting, being patient, and having faith that what we want to manifest, create and experience can and will show up on the other side of our allowing. That means we develop the ability to allow things to happen and materialize without having to manipulate, dominate and control other people or situations to make it happen.

Allowing goes against what we have been taught and how society as a whole operates. That is why it is so hard to make the shift. We don’t get support to just allow. We are seen as lazy or lacking in motivation. The interesting thing is that when we master allowing we can create and manifest much more than we can if we are trying to make things happen. I know. I experience it all of the time.

So I have a list of things I am allowing in the month of July and releasing 10 pounds is one of them. I have let go of the paddles and I am going with the flow of my stream.  I am asking for it to happen in an easy and relax manner and I am already seeing results.


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