I want everyone to be financially free!!

I have a networking group for women called Magnetic Business Women, that I started about 9 months ago.  When I was trying to think of a name I thought of what I wanted to create.  I wanted women to be drawn to the group as if by a magnet.  I believe that the name, Magnetic Business Women is what first draws women to the group. We have reached over 280+ members and growing all the time. Every women who comes to the group and to the monthly meetings has a dream that includes having more money, whether they say it out loud or not.  We are business women and we are in business to make money while we do what we love to do.

At every meeting I open by saying ” I want to see every women financially free and it is my mission to help that happen!”  It is one of the reasons I started the group.  Women have been left out of the financial freedom equation for ever and it is time for that to change! I want to watch the glass ceiling holding back success break into a million pieces!  Financial freedom  starts with a commitment and focused intention and grows from there.  If I can say it out loud at the beginning of each meeting  I am planting a seed for everyone else to start dreaming.

At a couple of the meetings I was so bold as to say “I want to be a millionaire.”  Wow, you could hear a pin drop and I could feel women around the room holding their breath. I could feel embarrassment in the air.  How dare we think we can be millionaires?  How impossible is that anyway!?  I don’t need that much money, it would be greedy of me to have it is the thinking.   One women clapped, and said ” I do too! and I joined her in clapping and soon the whole room started clapping.  Seed planted!

I do want to be a millionaire and I am not embarrassed to say so!

I think the breath holding is due to a lot of different things including:

1-Fear of Success/Failure

2-Fear of Responsibility

3-Lack of imagination

4-Listening to Dream Killers

5-Aiming too Low

6-Social Programing/social programs/Collective Spell

So lets pretend for a minute that you have none of the programing or fear around success.  What if you were fearless and could imagine yourself as a millionaire?  Ah, can you hear the voices that start chattering in your head the moment you start to imagine it as a possibility?  It would be wise to write down this dialog because it will give you insight into what programing in you that is keeping you from becoming financially free.

There is enough money in the world that every one of us could be a millionaire and more and it is waiting for us to line up with it.  No one is going to lose out if I have a million dollars because I am not taking from anyone else.    Abraham Hicks says that we have a vibrational escrow account with everything we have ever imagined waiting for us to get into the vortex and vibrational alignment.  What the heck? No one ever taught be that back in school.   Imagine where I would be if they had!

But here is the thing, money is just another form of energy and the lack of it speaks to a lack of energy in us.   Like attract like, there is nothing new age about it.  We are like we energy magnets and we pull to us those people and things that are in the same vibration as we are.  Have you ever notice how people flow in and out of our lives if we are on a path of evolution?  As we change we are attracting new people who are more in alignment with us and those who are not in alignment will slip into the back ground.  There isn’t anything wrong with this, it is just how the vibrational universe works.

So who wants to be a millionaire?  I do?  Do you?

Lining up with your vibrational escrow means shifting.  You will shift the way you view money, how you treat it, what you do with it and how you think about it when you are moving toward being a millionaire.  Money will become a welcomed friend, there to support you, rather than the enemy who comes in the form of a bill collector or unwanted bill, or lack of money at the end of the month.  You shift your relationship with money and your whole world will change.

It is all about making a shift away from our old social programing of lack and toward the unlimited supply from a loving and compassionate Universe.  The more people shifting toward prosperity the more prosperity that will be available.  It is like creating a collective money magnet.  What we think we become.

If me becoming a millionaire makes it easier for you to become one than I am ready to lead the way!

I couldn’t resist the million dollar dress!


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