A Missing Link to Manifestation

The Missing Link to Manifestation: changing the no-current to yes-current.

I love it when something you read opens a treasure chest of information from other sources. While I was reading the “Deeper Secret”, which I mentioned in the previous post one of her topics jumped out at me. It was the reason I picked up the book in the first place, I am sure of it!

It was the chapter about the yes-current and the no-current, a concept pioneered by Eva Pierrakos in the 1960’s that jumped out at me and gave me an ah ha moment. It is one of those understandings that is timeless and as potent today as it was then.

The yes-current is the root of all, it is source energy, inner being or God if you prefer. It provides you with the ability to open to unlimited possibilities and live to your potential and beyond. The yes-current is life force and when it is not tampered with it is totally constructive, good, positive and affirming.

The yes-current produces total pleasure for any living, feeling, perceiving consciousness and the more fully it is developed, the fuller the pleasure it can experience from and through the pure life force, in whatever form the life force finds expression. The pure life force cannot be anything other than beauty. It is what we experience as babies, until socialization begins.

Yes-current comes directly from source while no-current comes from our early social programming.

The no-current on the other hand is directly opposite. It comes from our early social programming. It leads us away from the truth and away from harmony because it is programmed out of the existing limited social programming of the time. The limiting beliefs of society, family, school, church and other spheres of influence become our beliefs and because everyone believes them they become part of our unconscious. They become our truth.

When the natural flow of the life force is interfered with, the energy current which seeks expression is blocked and is thus stopped from flowing to its destiny. The natural flow is stopped by outer conditions, inner conditions, or a combination of both. No matter how strong our belief in reaching a certain goal is, if there is a no-current flowing you will not get to that goal. The Law of Attraction is one step on the way to manifesting our dreams and an open and flowing yes-current is another. If you have a no current you will step on the breaks when you come close to manifesting your dream.

You will discover in the process that there are a group of behaviors that come naturally with the no-current that at first glance you would say are just your natural way of responding. On further inspection you will realize they are your saboteur and not your true nature.

Take a look at your list of dreams and desires. Which ones have manifest and which have not? The ones that have not have a no-current flowing that is putting on the brakes or you would have manifested that dream already. The no-current is sneaky and subtle because it is unconscious and the only way to turn it off is to bring it to your consciousness.

Eva Pierrakos offers this technique for uncovering your no-current:

“Changing from a deeply engraved no-current to a yes-current can occur only when this entire process is profoundly understood; when the subtle shrinking away from a desirable goal is observed and finally changed into: “I want this goal with all my heart. I have nothing to fear from it.” Meditation on why there is nothing to fear, why the old fear was false, and why the new accepting attitude to the life experience is entirely safe, is the final step in moving from a no-current to a yes-current. This should be done as daily meditation work, creating a new mold in the soul substance — this time a flexible, light, truthful one which finally erases the old, rigid, heavy, untruthful one.

Such meditation might be somewhat like this, but use your own words: “Why do I say No? I have the power not to say No. And now I say Yes to really and truly wanting to find out my particular No’s.” Take one at a time. “With all my heart I say Yes to wanting to understand the No.” First you will feel a strong negative pull against it, but, expecting it, you are prepared and do not allow it to dissuade you. You go on saying: “The truth cannot harm me, although something ignorant in me rebels against it. In spite of it, I say Yes. It has no power over the way I direct my will and my endeavors. This very same No has brought me much destructiveness and misery, and I do not allow it to rule me any longer. I take the reins in my hands.” Do this daily for a while and open yourself up to what comes, in the spirit of: “For better or worse I want to find out why the No stops me from all that could bring happiness. I no longer wish to reject all that is life-giving, outgoing, unifying. I no longer wish to embrace isolation and hostility.”

I would suggest working with this meditation and the phrase ” I want this goal with all of my heart and I have nothing to fear from it” for several weeks to see what is revealed to you. I would work on one goal until you feel complete and in a yes-current about it and if you have another goal move to that next.

When you discover a specific no and how it has been blocking your success and getting in the way of your dreams you will reach a major transition in your development and you will be flipping the switch to the flow of the yes-current.

When I was reading about the no-current I had an almost spontaneous revelation that surprised me. I will write about it in the next blog entry.


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