“Does THAT Thing Really Work?!”

People ask me this all of the time, when I bring up the Ultimate Body Applicator and what it does. I also hear ” I was talking to a friend and they said, don’t waste your time, those things don’t work, it is only water weight.”

Well friends, I am hear to tell you they really do work, and it isn’t water weight that you are losing.

First of all you are probably wondering “What is the Ultimate Body Applicator?”.

The Ultimate Body Applicator is and exclusive, herbal body contouring wrap. When people hear the word ‘wrap’ they think it is one of those wraps that removes water so you can lose inches but it comes back the next day. That isn’t what I am talking about at all. I don’t even like the word ‘wrap’ because it conjures that up.

The Ultimate Body Applicator is also a detoxification system. It is formulated to go into the skin and the synergy of all the ingredients push the toxins out of the fat cells where they hang out and make us sick, and pushes them in into the lymphatic system so they can flush out naturally. That is why you are asked to drink lots of water. The lymphatic system doesn’t have a pump so it needs water to help it do it’s job. I have heard from practioners who use the ion foot bath and colon cleanse that because it is working from the outside in, it makes detoxing with other methods go to an even deeper level and do a more thorough job.

Not only does it detoxify, but it tightens, tones and firms the skin and minimizes the appearance of cellulite. It is great for body sculpting and contouring. And with all those toxins flushing out and all that firming, guess what? Almost everyone that I put the Ultimate Body Applicator on ends up losing inches in as little as 45 minutes and over 72 hours after taking it off more can be lost. My personal experience with the product is that I have lost 26 inches from my body, in 4 months using 12 Applicators. You might be saying “shut up!” right now, but it is true.

Losing inches is cool and all of that, but losing toxins is even better. Toxins hanging around in our fat cells and organs is not a good thing. They is making us sick and we all have them! Finding something to take them out is a good thing! The Ultimate Body Applicator is the only thing I know that does this job. So don’t make a big fuss if your friend lost inches with the Ultimate Body Applicator and you didn’t. You got rid of nasty toxins, I would be jumping for joy! Just keep using it and you will be amazed with your results and how good you feel.

Here is the cool part. This 11 x 22 inch patch can be placed anywhere on the body where you want to target and make a change. The other thing is, it is simple to use and affordable to purchase.

Now I bet you are saying, “Oh come on…that is to good to be true!” and I am saying back to you, “no it’s not!”  That is why the company is called ItWorks!

Check it out and see for yourself!


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