What the heck is a Shift Diva?

To understand what I mean by Shift Diva, I need to give you a little background first.

I have experience a lot of change throughout my life and have had to learn how to expand and shift with it. Each of these changes is a story in itself. These change has included a lot of loss through death, a divorce, being a single parent and a lot of bizarre things happening to my body. When I say bizarre things I mean several car accidents and other illnesses that are not your average illness. Change and transformation have been my life and I have learned to flow with it. Not always easily and many times kicking and screaming but I have come to be a master of shifting!

As child I wanted to be an architect and create magical buildings and living spaces. Math scared me away but I have been an architect of my life for many years. I see an architect not only as one who designs and builds but one who is creative and has vision. Someone who understands systems and knows how to support them. Someone who mentors others and helps build communities where each member is healthy and financially free to live the life they desire. I have become an architect of a different kind and my life experience has given me the mastery to be an Architect of Conscious Living for other people.

I have spent 25 years as a therapist in many capacities from working in an emergency shelter, being the only caucasian in a black social service agency, director of a therapeutic preschool, lead therapist in a residential treatment program, an in-home therapist and a therapist in a clinic. I have watch people shift, I have watch people struggle to shift and have watched people resist shifting even though their lives depended on it. With these credentials I am the perfect guide to help others make the shifts they need to make in order to change their lives.

“Anything that has been accomplished by any other human being in the physical realm is within the field of possibility.” Wayne Dyer


4 thoughts on “What the heck is a Shift Diva?

  1. Thank you for sharing. I appreciate your wisdom more than you know. Although I had the privelage to meet you just once, you have made an everlasting impact on me and for that, I am so grateful. Thank you, again. 🙂
    Namaste, my kindred friend!

  2. Katelyn, you continue to fascinate and amaze me. I’m really enjoying your blog.

    I really respect the contributions you are making to the various community ‘sets’ we have in common – you have so much creative energy and ideas.

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