Showing Your Work


After many years of not showing my art I am looking for places to show.

My current show is in a coffee shop right now.  Coffee shops are fine but I don’t know how much real interest you get there. I noticed that a few of my business cards were gone so there is some interest.

My current show is based on the art I painted while recovering from all of the heart issues. I have 32 images that all focus on the heart, many of them contain an anatomically correct heart as part of the image.

My intention is to have them showing in hospitals, clinics and wellness centers. They hung in a wellness center for three months before this and there was a lot of interest there! I want to be able to do presentations about my work and my healing process.

Where do other artists show their work?

Galleries of course, but they may be hard to get into and not as accessible to buyers as other places.

Banks, restaurants, coffee shops, music venues, art festivals and fairs and other spots routinely rotate artwork from local creatives. Approach them with the same professionality you would a gallery.

You can view the art in this show on line HERE

If you live in the Twin Cities Springboard is a great resource

The World is Waiting for the Authentic You.

Let the world see who you truly are. There is NO ONE else like you. There is no one to compete with or compare yourself to. Share the gift that only you can share.

It all comes down to self love. Once we truly love ourselves life gets easier and we can shine and share our authentic self.

I mean truly love ourselves not just give lip service to it. Oh it’s easy to say, “ Sure, I love myself” but saying it and really feeling it deep within and believing it are two different things.

Can you love yourself when you “screw up”?
Can you love yourself when you are sick and really need your love?
Can you love yourself when you feel alone?
Can you love yourself when you can’t pay your bills?
Can you love yourself when your world seems to be falling apart.

Loving your shouldn’t be based on outside circumstances.




Creating is High Play


Art making for me is an exploration and an adventure.

I don’t just sit down and put pen and ink, pencil or paint on paper or canvas. It is an immersion experience.

The visionary artist drop into their inner landscape, open to its message, gather it up and bring it back.

And then magic happens…interacting with the medium. Watercolor for example. I have hundreds of colors to choose from, because I paint with watercolor pencils and just exploring the color palette is high play. Next comes laying down colors next to each other and watching the energy that forms where they meet each other. That energy gives life to the piece. There is also the play that happens when water is added. Watching things unfold into the final image is exciting too.

The whole process is a magical experience engaging all of my senses. I get into the process and go into timelessness.

Do you know that in the last 25 years of art making I have never thrown a piece away and started over? I trust my process so much that I know that whatever happens is inspired to be the way it comes through. There are no mistakes. Things that are perceived as mistakes are where Spirit enters the work.

I wish I could trust my life that much.

Visionary artist vs Intuitive Artist


Many people call themselves intuitive artists and after exploring this concept watching numerous YouTube videos I believe we can all be intuitive artists.

What I was really looking for in this exploration was what is the difference between an intuitive artist and a visionary artist? There is a big difference. The only similarity is they are are both intuitive processes.

The intuitive artist is guided to move paint around the canvas, allowing intuition to guide the process. There is no plan or preconceived idea. Whatever happens, happens if you are true to the process.

The visionary artist, on the other hand, is also using intuition, but has dropped their consciousness into the visionary realm of images, beyond collective consciousness, to bring new vision forward to the world. When it is viewed by someone it is understood at the soul level.

This is a completely different kind of painting. It takes the ability to not only open to this inner visionary realm but to be able to paint it into reality. One must have highly developed inner sight to see what others don’t see and to paint it so others can see it.

I am blessed to be both an intuitive artist and a visionary artist. Intuitive art can be taught. I am not sure Visionary art can be and if it can it would be a life long pursuit. One would have to both develop their ability to access the visionary realm, trust what they see and learn how to put into an image what they have seen, and learn the painting skills to do that.


Giving up was not an option

Katelyn Mariah, Empowering Health


I am writing this to remind myself…

There was a point in my health journey where I had not only lost my health but also my savings and my livelihood. It was about 8 months in that my savings was gone, my successful career was gone and all of my credit cards were maxed out from basic living and medical bills. This was probably the most stressful time in my life.

But something kept pulling me forward. The pull was my purpose. My purpose this lifetime has always been to create art that had a positive, transformational impact. Writing, which is part of that purpose came later. I write from the same place as I paint.

This is to say that when I was at my lowest lows, I still could paint and I still could write and those two things pulled me through. I could also see there would…

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I thought this was how the brain was supposed to work…

Katelyn Mariah, Empowering Health


Its my nature to think differently, challenge the status quo and come up with new, innovative ways of looking at things. I have done it since I was a child, it’s just my nature. I always felt there were more than one way to look at things and I was going to find them. That is what made me a good therapist. It is also what makes my art so unique.

I just thought that was how the brain worked. I didn’t understand that it was a unique gift, though over the years people would tell me I thought differently. I always thought to myself, doesn’t everyone?

About 5 days before I had the first of three heart attacks a friend did a interview quiz with me that was supposed to hone in on my Why.  The results were that I naturally think differently and challenge the status quo. From…

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Paint My Spirit Animal Special


Since the end of December, last year I have painted 25 Spirit Animal paintings for people. Everyone including me are surprised at how accurate they are. This is a watercolor of the spirit animal that you soul says you should tap into. I create it through a soul to soul connection with you.

My special, for an 8 x 8 original painting with guidance from your soul is only $55! That’s a crazy great deal. March 1 they go up to $88 so if you want to get in on this deal message me right away.

If I have done yours already, please pass this on. I love referrals.

message me at


The Brooklyn Art Library Sketchbook Project



I want to do this again! I am an official card holder from 2011 when I completed and sent my sketchbook in. It took months to complete. I painted a story from one of my favorite authors of the past, George McDonald, The Back of the North Wind.

I want to go there someday too. My friend M Shannon Hernandez was just there ❤️

From their website:


Located in the heart of Williamsburg, Brooklyn Art Library is home to over 41,000 sketchbooks from over 130 different countries. Participants of the project order blank sketchbooks, choose a theme, fill them up and connect their books online with search terms, an artist bio and other unique content. Every single sketchbook that is sent back to us is cataloged and placed on our shelves for visitors to view. That means you, as a visitor of Brooklyn Art Library, can search for just about anything you can think of, from the thousands of search terms our participants have logged. One of our librarians will then pull the book down for you and allow you to hold and flip through it.

Visiting  Brooklyn Art Library is a practice in accepting randomness. We encourage you to let the process happen and see what you discover. Oftentimes visitors will be surprised by the most unassuming books, the ones with blank covers and original binding. There are thousands of stories created by people from all over the world.