Love in Heart Space


Love in Heart Space…

We all want to be loved and we have all had our share of heart break. I am no exception.

I have had a vision of what relationship would look like, all of my adult life.
I wanted a man who was authentic and knew and loved himself at a deep level. Someone who had done his personal work so he could stay conscious and present in a relationship. My vision was that from there we could meet in heart space and could enhance and transform each other’s lives. You know, the kind of relationship that we think is impossible to create.

I also knew a long time ago that if I was going to be able to create that I would have to become the person I wanted to attract. My desire to have this kind of relationship was so strong that I took the deep dive into my psyche to find my authentic self. When I could go no deeper my heart stepped in and forced me to go deeper. When you go through 5 heart attacks and open heart surgery you don’t come out the other side, if you survive, without a deep understanding of who you are! I found my authentic self and fell in love with me. ❤️

I didn’t know that 2500 miles away, Keith was holding the same vision of relationship and though a heart opening journey as deep and arduous in different ways, as mine, had lead him to find his authentic self and fall in love with himself too.

Our alignment with ourselves and the vision we held was magnetic and drew us together like in a Rumi poem.

The gateway that lead us to each other is also very powerful.

My sacred purpose in this life is to help anchor the Sacred Feminine on to the planet. I have been doing this for 25 years through my art and writing. That work started with a download of 44 images that became the Awaken the Goddess Meditation Deck that many of you have. Understanding the Sacred Feminine brought me to the Sacred Feminine in myself.

So imagine my surprise to see Keith post about the Sacred Masculine in a large Facebook group we are both in. I was like, “What? , Wait, there is a man talking about the Sacred Masculine?! I need to know him!” I sent him a friend request and he accepted. I later learned that he had been working with the Sacred Masculine for as long as I had been working with the Sacred Feminine and felt it was his soul purpose to help anchor it onto the planet.

Imagine entering into a relationship through that portal!

To be continued…

The painting “Beyond time and Space” is how I see heart space.

Engaging the Muse of Your Life

This year I learned what joy felt like. I like to pick a word each year that I would like to embody. This year that word was joy. Can you believe I really did know for sure what joy felt like!

On January 1st I started a joy journal and this is what I wrote on the first page:

“ What if you engaged the muse of your life so they knew you were serious! Not just giving lip service with fancy resolutions and big intentions that you stick with briefly. What if you truly embraced the muse of your life as if it were a living energy? What if you took it by the hand and ran with it? Would life feel your authentic engagement and lead you on am amazing, joyful, magical adventure?”

So I did that. I took her by the hand and asked a lot of questions and fully engaged my authenticity.

The answer is yes! When you live life from a place of fully engaged authenticity, the magic, the joy, the gratitude, the love will take you on an amazing adventure.


The Spirit of the Piece


Henri Rousseau has been a favorite painter of mine since I was a young girl. I have always love what is called Outsider Art or Primitive Art (painters without formal training) It is the naivete that touches me. The so called imperfections that for me let the Spirit enter the piece. Nothing is censored. It is authentic expression from the heart of the artist.

I trust my own art in the same spirit. I never feel I have made a mistake because through my paintings spirit enters the world in a new way.

Living from the Heart


We have lived for a long, long time where intelligence and mind have been fostered and celebrated. Where logic was valued over intuition. There is a purpose and place for both intelligence and intuition.

I believe that our evolutionary path is to learn how to live in and from the heart. Where emotions and feelings are valued as the true navigational tool guiding us to our true north. From your heart you understand who you are and can live an authentic life.

That is why the balancing of the masculine and feminine, both human and Divine, in the collective and individually, is so important now. This balance of masculine and feminine takes place in the heart.

Living in heart space replaces fear with Love, rejection with acceptance and resistance with trust.

What do you do to connect with your heart?

The point of no return

Katelyn Mariah, Empowering Health


Today I walked around Lake Como for the first time in several years. It’s only a mile and a half, but it was too much in the past.

There were points in my recovery where this would have been anxiety producing because a mile and a half around a lake looks like a long distance. Going for walks in places I wasn’t familiar with also caused anxiety.

I was afraid I wouldn’t make it back because I wouldn’t have the strength or stamina, especially once I reached the half way point where turning back wouldn’t matter because it was the same distance either way.

It’s a great metaphor for the events in our lives. You reach a point where there is no turning back and you just have to go through the obstacle.

So as I walked I thought about the halfway point and no turning back. Right at the…

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Love is a Space


Deva Premal has an album called ❤️Love is a Space❤️. It one of my favorite albums of hers. In it she sings sacred mantras of the heart. I have always loved listening to it and imaging what that space would feel like.

“The sound texture is rich and expansive, with Deva’s beautiful voice calling us all on to higher ground, and into the sanctuary of our own hearts.”

From the sanctuary of your own heart you can create a sanctuary with another heart, which creates a space, that is expansive, accepting, safe, Free and unconditional.

That is what ❤️Love is a Space❤️ feels like to me. That is when Love is real❤️

It’s an exquisite gift.

The Forest Reveals it’s Gems


Another beautiful day in Minnesota and a hidden gem to discover.  I have never been here before and it’s only 5 minutes from my house! 

I think I came in from the back because the path was pretty muddy.  The first thing I encountered was a tree fort. It was big enough to live in. I wonder who had lived there and if they still lived there. I wondered what an encounter with them would be like. For a moment I wonder about my safety and if I was in the wrong place. 


I love the natural staircases the trees create and how they lead to misty places. I imagine new worlds at the top of those stairs. 


I came to see the waterfall. I love waterfalls that hide out in the forest and surprise me. This one didn’t disappoint. 


I met a nice man on the path and he gave me directions to get out again.   There is always an angel when you need one.

A Grateful Heart

Katelyn Mariah, Empowering Health


I have been overwhelmed with gratitude the last few days. I know I have said THANK YOU many times, yet this one is coming from a deeper place in me.

When you are in the midst of crisis/initiation it is hard to see the bigger picture. You just move from event to event holding on for dear life. From outside of the initiation you see clearly.

I was driving the other day when it hit me like a tsunami. I could see, feel and touch the support I got from this community of friends around the world and how it was a great part of healing my heart, the depths of which I can’t put words to, but I will try.

Right after the first heart attack, while I was still in the hospital, my guides said I needed to be very public about my journey. That scared me because…

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