Parathyroid tumor…update 😀

Some of you might remember that not to long after I had open heart surgery they discovered a parathyroid tumor on the back of my heart. Big disappointment after what I’d been through!

Apparently one of the four parathyroid glands that are in our neck slipped down to the back of my heart and it had a tumor on it. It needed to be removed and that meant either opening my chest back up and if it couldn’t be reached they would open up my side through the rib cage to get it. It would be a major surgery again. There would two surgeons doing the surgery an heart surgeon and and endocrine surgeon. Neither of them had ever done this surgery before because it was so rare.

I told them both I would dissolve the tumor on my own and that I did it before so I could do it again. (A story for another time) The endocrine surgeon laughed at me and said it was impossible and would never happen. The heart surgeon told me he was behind me 100%. He wasn’t really thrill at the prospect of doing that surgery.

So I went into that healing warrior mode that I know so well. I was determined to avoid that long, difficult surgery. I did a series of paintings where I decreased the size of the tumor until it was gone. That is the painting I posted here. I also took a deep dive to learn what the tumor wanted to say to me. That’s an interesting story.

Here is the story of the painting where it disappeared.

“The most amazing thing just happened. I got the image this morning of liquid gold energy flowing over the tumor. I just started working on the image now.

I always draw with pencil first. I drew everything included the tumor which was really small.

The next step is to go over the whole thing with black ink and then erase all of the pencil. Each step is programming my psyche and telling my body what I intend to happen.

So I started painting the gold which you see in the photo. All of the sudden I said “Hey, where is the tumor?” I realized it was gone! I had forgotten to outline it in ink so I erased it while I cleaned up the pencil!!!!!”

My naturopath is also a medical intuitive. When I saw her a few weeks ago I asked her to see if she could see the tumor, because I felt like it was gone. She had seen it when it was still there.

She looked at my body and said, “It’s gone” “ they all look like the same size to me.”

It’s gone! I knew I would be saying those words someday! IT’S GONE!! It turned into a butterfly and flew away!

I am so blessed to be able to paint myself back to health and to believe it’s possible!

Our bodies are amazing. They have the ability to heal themselves if we get out of the way. If I can do this, more than once, mind you, anyone can.

Corn Goddess: Day 8 of Nourishing the Heart of the Feminine

The Heart of the Feminine

Here is the card I picked from Alcyone Rising today for the Full Moon. Another fertility goddess, as was the last card I picked. It looks like I have a theme going with the corn and fertility. She is both a corn goddess and serpent who both represents fertility, which to me is about abundance and prosperity. Corn is also about planting seeds.

I love how colorful this painting is.

Corn Woman reminds us to nourish ourselves. Interesting, in light of my 40 day theme.

“Corn Mother’s themes are abundance, children, energy, fertility, harvest, health, grounding, providence and strength. Her symbols are corn and corn sheafs. Literally the spirit of the corn in Native American traditions, Corn Mother brings with her the bounty of earth, its healing capabilities, its nurturing nature and its providence. She is happy to share of this bounty and give all those who seek Her an…

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Day 13 of Nourishing the Heart of the Feminine: Alchemy

The Heart of the Feminine

Day 13 of Nourishing the Heart of the Feminine

My post yesterday was about being a warrior and about how concerned I am about what is happening in the US and the world.

After I wrote it I wrote this question in my journal to my guides:

How can I navigate what is happening, from my heart and not from judgement?

I got a lot of information but the last thing they said was, “The world is in the rubedo stage of alchemy. Look it up!” I knew there were different stages of alchemy but didn’t know what they were so I looked it up!

Rubedo is the red phase. The phase of rebirth and success!

The Red Phase of alchemy is characterized by a fresh infusion of power and vitality; this is brought about through a reddening in fire. The reddening results from the union of the King and…

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Day 15 Nourishing the Heart of the Feminine and Masculine: Sacred Marriage

The Heart of the Feminine

Day 15 Nourishing the Heart of the Feminine and Masculine

I realized yesterday that I have done so much work over the years integrating the Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine that I can’t separate them, so I will continue this 40 day experience honoring both.

I found this painting in my online gallery this morning. I don’t remember painting it nor have I even noticed it in my gallery before today! I imagine it is from the 90’s. It speaks to the Sacred Marriage, also known as Hieros gamos. The painting I posted a couple of days ago was also the Sacred Marriage.

“The archetypal sacred marriage serves as a metaphor for the integration of both the archetypal masculine (god) and the archetypal feminine (goddess) within. For humanity to take the next evolutionary leap so urgently needed as this time of crisis, it is essential that we all integrate these…

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Soul Portrait

Love in Heart Space

I am reposting this painting that I did yesterday, because I spent time with it to see what it had to say. I think it’s fun to share what message came to me. I am learning the meaning as I research because I paint from a place of vision not knowledge of the symbols.

The message will be different for each of us depending upon what stands out.

I am curious what it says to you.

This is how I go about interpreting a soul Portrait that I do for someone.
There is so much in this painting so I will just do a few of the symbols.

Like I said this is a soul Portrait. This is how my soul sees me.

I noticed a few things:
Each of the chakras are lit up with a symbol, which of course wasn’t planned.

1-2 Root and sacral chakra : has…

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Decoding Visionary Art

My journey through a painting and decoding it’s message…

I can’t even put words to how grateful I am for my visionary art. It was my guiding light during my heart health crisis. When life ahead of me didn’t look promising, an image would arise to tell me differently. I could see the future telling me everything would be okay and my heart would be healthy again. Painting each image was like medicine for my heart.

The same thing has happened in 2020. My art is pulling me through this crisis and I hope it is helping you too. Every timeI have been discouraged an image arises in me and as I paint it I know that everything will be okay and that the world is headed in the right direction. My art gives me hope because I have come to know that the messages come from my Divinity.

The painting I did yesterday is an example.

Not only had I been feeling physically ill but emotionally I was feeling the squeeze. You know those moments when you say “Did I really sign up for this? What was I thinking?!” All I could think was the Bowie song “This is not America”, because it is so far away from the America I have known for many years, maybe even a few lifetimes.

The hardest part for me being the expansive divide between people, the hatred for others that is being displayed and the lack of compassion. My heart was very sad at that point.

The image came a couple of days ago but I didn’t feel well enough to paint it. I had heard someone say the words Jacob’s Ladder and this whole image appeared in my third eye. That happens once in a while. I hear a word and I see a painting that wants to come to life. I never know what it means, I just paint what I see.

Yesterday, as I painted it I could feel my mood lift and the sickness I had been feeling recede. As the painting came to life on my drawing board I felt hope returning. By the time it was done, I knew everything would be okay.

When I decoded the message it surprised me fot the painting was saying: The connection between The Divine and Earth is getting stronger and we have direct access to Divine Consciousness. We are making progress. We, as a species, have been making a spiritual passage through the levels of an important initiation.

We are in the completion of an old cycle and entering a new cycle which includes attaining wholeness again. We will achieve wholeness and unity with ourselves and others through the balancing of the masculine and feminine energies and integrating the fragments of our inner selves. This is how we enter our own hearts and connect with the heart of the Divine.

That is the path to the new world.

According to the vision that came through my painting.

The world is going to be just fine…

Visionary artist

“You are starting out with something of yourself in your creations- there is a moment I think that the work takes on a life of it’s own so to speak- and in some magical way that I can’t explain- it connects with the person looking at it. It goes on to communicate it’s message in its own way to each of us who are open to receiving it, like a living part of the universe.” Scotty

That was a brilliant observation by my friend, Scotty. She is right is that magical point in my work and it happens pretty quickly. I am the most present when I am painting. I am getting closer to that kind of presence in my life but have a ways to go. Visionary art takes a great deal of trust. Someone who doesn’t trust would have a hard time painting the way I do because it is intuitive from beginning to end.

🐬I was psychically connected to a friend in Hawaii when I painted this painting. We had purposely made the connection for a specific time of day. I didn’t know he was watching dolphins jumping in the ocean at the time of our connection. 🐬

I never know what an image means while I am painting either because I am so present. Meaning often doesn’t come until sometime later. Sometimes meaning isn’t important because the painting is speaking from a higher dimension and we understand intuitively like my friend Shakti says here:

“What I like about your art is that the channel that you are to your images is absolutely clear. I would say, “clean”. Your art is deceptively simple, yet refers directly to the world of archetypes and meaning. It is not even necessary to “ decipher” it, we would possibly be engaged with an erroneous interpretation. It is sufficient to go with the spontaneous “I like it”, it stands by itself, the way trees and rocks and sunsets stand by themselves.” Shakti​

I am not writing this to brag, but to acknowledge this precious gift that I have. I have been doing visionary art for about 28 years and for most of those years I tended to minimize this talent. It was just something that was easy for me so why make a big deal about it? That wasn’t very honoring of this higher dimensional gift I have been blessed with.

When I first learned what I was doing in my art I was shocked. It actually felt like a huge responsibility so it was easier to minimize it. Read about that here:

My art not only has codes that can activate something new in you but can also decode something you might not have realized about yourself or the world. I realize that’s a rare gift.

We need to start shining a light on the unique gifts we bring to the world and on the magnificent beings that we are. We have to stop holding back for what ever reason.

This shifting, changing world needs the gifts and talents each of us brings with us, as we create a new world. No one is better than the other we are all very important to the process of elevating the planet.

What do you believe are your divine gifts? 🎁✨

March Meet the Maker 2020 Day 21

Day 21: Change

I skipped a couple of days because the topics didn’t resonate but this one is important.

When the economy changes in a down turn artists are the first ones to be impacted by the change because art becomes a luxury. I have artist friends around the world who I have painted with because of my studies with Philip. I can bet that they are being hit hard financially right now.

I know I am. I was supposed to be participating in an art show this weekend that was canceled.

Many of the artist I know are painting/creating from visions from higher realms. The art they create isn’t a luxury, it is a necessity during times like this. They are bring higher wisdom through their art that can usher us through these times. They are painting in a new vibration. Artists are anchoring in the change for all of us.

If you know an artist and can afford to, find a way to support them. Go to their website and buy something or send them a small donation.

We are in this together. We are all quarantined to our homes and I can bet the artists are still painting!


The Heart of a Phoenix Rising


Title: The Heart of Phoenix Rising

This image came to me as I was driving home from the naturopath yesterday. It’s a personal image but maybe collectively it is all of our hearts rising to meet this challenge we are facing.

Today is the Spring Equinox and also the 4 year anniversary of the first heart attack , which happened after a fire in my dryer, on the Spring Equinox in 2016. Almost a year ago on March 27th I had the last heart attack.

I am celebrating today because I feel I have come full circle with what I have always felt was an initiation of my heart. There were so many layers to this epic Heart/soul journey including what happened between me and Keith and the recent passing of my mother. It is ironic that a few days ago the fire department was at my house again for an electrical fire.

I am not the same person I was the day before Spring Equinox 2016 when this all began. I was taken on a deep inner journey that spanned 2 continents going deeper than I had ever gone before, facing death over and over. Part of me died with each of the five heart attacks and part of me was born anew. Having my chest cut open and exposed to light while it was held in the hands of a skilled surgeon, changed everything. Through this epic process I was transformed into a greater version of myself. Because of this, I see it as a huge blessing.

And so I celebrate today with this soul inspired image of the heart becoming the Phoenix.

What I found about the Phoenix:
The Phoenix is known as the keeper of the fire of creation. It rises from the flames and is a symbol of strength, renewal, death, resurrection and rebirth, health and staying in the present moment.

The Phoenix is about overcoming darkness and rising to the challenge to become powerful and succeed.

“Resurrection is a leap into a whole new way of thinking.” Deepak Chopra