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Katelyn Mariah, Empowering Health

As the title of my blog states, I am into health and wellness. I want to provide my clients with the best available nutrition products. I always keep my eye open for the best of the best.

Many of you know I had a very successful health and wellness network marketing business before all of the heart issues started. I had been with The same company  for 9 years and had 85,000 customers and distributors under me and was making a great income. I lost momentum when I got sick and watched my business fall apart because I didn’t have energy to work. I didn’t want to rebuild when I started to feel better because The company was no longer in alignment with my values and I could stay just to make money.

I chose network marketing because it is the only vehicle that allows the flexibility I need to…

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Don’t wait. The time will never be just right.


“Do not wait; the time will never be ‘just right’. Start where you stand, and work with whatever tools you may have at your command, and better tools will be found as you go along.” Napoleon Hill.

Are you waiting? Waiting is actually a vibration and its vibration that creates reality. Waiting equals, the action of staying where you are, delaying action until the perfect time, a pause, inactive, a state of repose.

Are you waiting until the perfect time to change something in your life? Are you waiting for the perfect time to start something new? Waiting keeps us stuck.

On a collective level in the US, are we waiting for things to get worse? Are we waiting to see wait happens? Are we waiting for the next election in hopes that something will change? Are we waiting for the right person to do that?

The collective energy trickles down into the personal energy because it is all around us.

Moving from waiting into creating will shift the energy personally which can shift the energy collectively if enough of us move into that vibration. Creating is the vibration of bringing something into existence, causing something to happen as a result of our actions, to generate something new. It’s the vibration of change.

What do you want to create personally? What would you like to create collectively?D12F6666-055D-4B0F-81E3-ECC7242CE3CE

The time is right, right now.

Unleashing My Inner Superhero



Have you ever just allowed your inner superhero to come out and play? Putting on a cape and superhero regalia really helps. Kids do it all the time! They naturally know how to tap into their super powers. Adults have forgotten.

Yesterday I got to participate in a Super Hero Event with Mickey Mikeworth who is an amazing business coach and friend.

We dressed up in capes and superhero regalia at a magical pavilion in a park and dropped into our super powers. Mickey lead us through activities that helped us hone in on our super powers which support our mission. All of this happened in a field of play and imagination which are two of my elements.

I was Lightning Horse, bringing heart wisdom to the world. I am going to explore the idea of my super powers more deeply. I feel so inspired by the play and magic that happen yesterday. 💫

We decorated cakes and had a cake fight. It was so fun throwing cake and being thrown at with My friend Nancy Lindgren.

I love to play and have fun. My inner Superhero came out to play today. Cakes were decorated and thrown. Super powers were discovered. And lots of play happened.

My Inner Superhero has been unleashed and will continue to evolve.

What is your superpower?



Dancing Dolphins


I have been getting acupuncture for my heart at Pathways in Minneapolis. The services are free.

Here is their mission: Our Mission
Pathways’ mission is to provide resources and services for people with life-threatening or chronic physical illness – as well as caregivers – to explore and experience complementary healing approaches.

I had a session today. I probably had 30 needles in my body, 7 in my surgery scar. As soon as I closed my eyes I saw dolphins dancing before me. I watched them for about 15 minutes, swim, jumping, dancing on their tails. (I often have visions just closing my eyes but I don’t remember ever seeing dolphins.)

I love dolphin medicine.

Throughout time, the Dolphin totem animal has had an angelic altruistic nature, and we have always been drawn to the Dolphins energy in trust, seeking companionship and communion with their pure spirits.

Dolphin symbolism remind us of who we truly are, spiritual beings belonging to a magical and mysterious immense universe where all things are possible.

Dolphin spirit guide stirs a deep symbolic recognition and memories of life on far away lands, in the distant past.

The Dolphin possesses a feminine mystique, quite like a beautiful woman, reminding of us the tales of mermaids and the lost worlds of Atlantis and Lemuria.

The Dolphin spirit animal is the ambassador from Atlantis, the land of enchantment and dedication to spiritual path and study.

Being in the presence of the Dolphin power animal awakens something stored within our DNA, an urge to realign to the true nature of our race, living in harmony with all life.

Have your personal Spirit Animal painted at

Anything is Possible


Some might think it’s silly to think a tumor can disappear on its own. That it is wishful thinking and why waste the money? Seriously, why waste the money!!!

I have had tumors disappear before. About 15 years ago I was diagnosed with gallbladder disease and told my gallbladder was full of benign tumors and had to be removed. I was having very painful attacks every time I ate. I told the doctor I was keeping my gallbladder and she told me she would see me in a month because I would want it out by then.

I believe we have our organs for a reason and we shouldn’t be so quick to remove them because that would disturb the delicate balance of our body. So I needed to try to save it. I get it, people have their gallbladder out every day, and doctors think it’s no big deal.

I continued to have gallbladder attacks every time I ate for about a month. My daughter said I should just go have it removed because she didn’t want to see me in pain. I told her I would call the doctor on Monday if it was still bothering me.

That night I had a dream and angelic beings did surgery on my gallbladder. In the dream I could feel the stitches where they closed me up after surgery.

I Have never had a gallbladder attack again. That was 15 years ago and I still have my gallbladder.

When my Naturopath told me we can release the parathyroid  tumor in three months with a new supplement she has I am for sure going to try that before I go ahead and do surgery because because of this experience.

When I was in the hospital in March the doctor brought up the issue of my Parathyroid. I told him I was working with a Naturopath to release it naturally. He said that wouldn’t happen and that natural medicine wasn’t strong enough.

I told him the story about my gallbladder. He didn’t really believe me and said he was going to look at my records. The next morning when I saw him his whole demeanor had changed and he said “Keep working with the Naturopath “.

So anyone who would like to support me in this with your donation, I would receive it with gratitude.

Let’s make the impossible possible! — at Art Studio of Katelyn Mariah.


Sometimes Life Sucks!

Katelyn Mariah, Empowering Health


I am an optimistic and positive person by nature and that is why I have survived all of the challenges I have experienced but I have to tell you,

*There is a lot that sucks about having a tumor on the back of your heart!
*There is a lot that sucks about having 5 heart attacks and recovering from them.
*There is a lot that sucks about having open heart surgery and recovering from it. Like having your chest and sternum sawed open.
* There is a lot that sucks about arguing with doctors who want you to take a handful of pharmaceuticals and tell you you will die if you don’t when you know your body would heal using natural medicine.
*There is a lot that sucks about not having a partner to support you through it. When I am on the ledge and no one is around I…

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Parathyroid Tumor Be Gone

Katelyn Mariah, Empowering Health


Many of my readers know my story about the parathyroid tumor that is in a rare position behind my heart. Story here

I had an emotional week last week because I was supposed to go in for the scan of the Parathyroid Tumor on Monday and if it was still there I would have been scheduled for surgery. This issue hadn’t even been in my consciousness for months.

After the scan was scheduled I went into fear because I felt I had to resign myself to the fact I would have to go through major surgery again. I had tried fundraising last fall to get the funds to do an alternative treatment but only raised enough to do a month. One month was not enough.

To be honest it scares me to have to go through this rare surgery to retrieve the tumor from behind my heart.

A group of…

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Visionary Art

I love the energy in my last three paintings. There is something beautiful happening that I just can’t see in the outer world yet.

Do you see/feel it too?